Quick guide to recover deleted folders in Outlook

MS Outlook is the preferable email client. Outlook not only deals with emails but also acts as a personal information manager to manage email contacts, calendar items, notes, journals, appointments, meeting schedules, etc. In order to manage all the attributes, Outlook needs to store all the attributes data somewhere in the local hard drive, for which it uses PST file. PST is a database file which acts as a local storage folder for Outlook. The size of the PST file is limited in all the versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000 and below versions has 2GB PST file, 2003 and 2007 have 20 GB and in Outlook 2010 size of PST file is 50GB.

Since the size of PST file is limited, most of the Outlook users prefer to delete unwanted items from their Outlook profile. Sometimes deleting emails or other Outlook folders leads to loss of data. Since most of the people regularly use Outlook at work and home to access emails, deletion of some important email or other Outlook items leads to critical data loss problem. In case if you have deleted some important files or folders from Outlook profile and thinking about how to get them back, here is a best possible way to recover deleted folders in Outlook.

Apart from deletion, there are other reasons for Outlook data loss like corruption of PST file. Since PST file is the main storage folder used by Outlook to store all its data, corruption of which freezes the Outlook access and leads to huge data loss.

No matter how you have lost your Outlook data, recovery program will always help you to get it back. Outlook recovery software facilitates you to restore deleted emails and other Outlook items. Using some PST repair tool you can fix the damaged PST file and recover data.

You might be thinking how does a recovery tool restore the deleted item which is not even listed in Deleted Items folder. Whenever you delete any email or Outlook folder, only the pointer stored in an index file which points to the stored location of deleted file or folder will be removed but actual data still exist in the PST file. However, it cannot be accessed by Outlook with a pointer but recovery utility scans the PST file and recovers such data.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one such popular Outlook repair and recovery utility which facilitates you to fix damaged PST file and recover lost data. Using this tool you can recover deleted emails and other Outlook folders. This software will never harm your original PST file at repair and recovery process. This software scans the corrupt PST file, extracts data and creates a new PST file in Outlook 2003-2010 which you can easily import to your Outlook profile without any modifications. This tool facilitates you to recover deleted emails and other folders from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and it also supports OST files. In case if you don’t know the stored location of PST file to recover deleted items, this tool helps to search for a built-in Find tool.

If you are looking for an efficient and secure Outlook repair and recovery utility, then download Remo Repair Outlook (PST).

Ways to retrieve deleted pictures

You might delete or lose your photos from your Mac Operating system due to various reasons like transferring photos from digital camera to your computer or laptop, virus attack, file system corruption, deleting or formatting of Volumes or drives, hard disk failure, or improper system shut down of the system. However, still, you can restore deleted photos by using any good Mac photo recovery software.

Uses of recovery software:

There is much recovery software available in the market which helps to restore deleted photos while transferring photos from digital camera to your laptop and from many other reasons. Photo recovery software is helpful to recover photos from memory cards, micro SD cards, mini SD cards, flash drives and from many other storage devices. Photo recovery software can able to recover deleted files from both Mac and Windows file system.  These utilities are more efficient that can trace and scan your hard drive or storage devices to recover deleted photos from different data loss scenarios.

Selecting good photo recovery software:

  • If you want to restore deleted photos from Mac or Windows OS, Ensure that you are selecting the right utility which is compatible with your Operating System.  Some of the other aspects to select recovery software are mention below:
  • Read the reviews and articles about the program from the internet. Ensure you are reading genuine reviews or articles.
  • Extract the free trial version of the recovery software to verify the capability of the software in restoring deleted /lost photos.
  • Select the program that allows you to preview the recovered photos before saving. This preview option helps you to identify the photos easily and makes picture recovery easier.
  • Ensure the company offers a good consumer support (either through phone or chat) in trouble shouting your problems.

Best software to shred files from digital camera

Dig cam is an excellent multimedia media device that is designed to capture quality pictures. Most people prefer the camera to have high definition photos. After with similar camera for a couple of days/months/years, you’re not interested in it for further use and you’ll happy to purchase a new style of camera. Since you have an interest in the new features you can get in the new camera model. Then you’ll want to sell your old photographic camera to some people who want to buy. Then you want to delete beyond recovery some files or important photos as if your girlfriend photos. In this case, you might be thinking that how to shred files from digital camera. It is possible to erase files from your camera permanently by means of some 3rd party utility like “File Eraser” that can be obtained through the internet.

Let us see some situations where you must delete files beyond recovery. When you have deleted any photo or file in the digital camera, only the pointers are certain to get delete yet the photos are recoverable. Any deleted file might be recovered by using recover file tool. Hence to delete data permanently, one uses file shredder software and erase the files which you want. The file shredder software destroys the files beyond recovery by overwriting the random characters. It is ideal for destroying the photos from your storage device.

Nowadays, these tools can also be used by the government office to save criminal’s photos and several proof photos for justice. If you dispose of the memory of the dig cam by deleting all data normally, definitely it may be recovered by one to whom you have given it. To stop misusing your data, delete the files using file shredder application. File shredder was made especially to delete files on the storage device beyond recovery. There isn’t any possibility to return the deleted files for those who have erased them by using file shredder software.

There are many file deletion software positioned on the internet. One reliable and powerful tool is “File Eraser”. This can be designed specially to erase files. This software will delete files by using various file shredding patterns such as Fast zero overwrite, Random overwrite, Peter Gutmen secure deletion, German VSITR, DOD standard etc. It can destroy the multimedia files from the camera within few clicks to help you save your valuable time. It could support both FAT and NTFS file systems. The trial version of the tool can be acquired and you’ll download it so that you can estimate the file shredding.

Guidelines to recover memory card data

Memory cards are innovative technology mainly because of it facilities an individual to save data for example documents, photos, audio, videos etc from one destination to another in the digital form. They are mainly utilized in cameras, camcorder, cellphones etc. There is a variety of memory card available in the market like SD, CF, XD, MMC etc. A lot of people would rather use a memory card to store data because it conserves less power and may be used in devices which run using batteries. Memory cards use flash memory to keep data before you delete it intentionally. Memory card data can be linked to systems through USB card readers. Memory cards don’t have delicate moving parts like computer drives so they are less prone to mechanical failures. But, occasionally due to some logical failures, the data contained in the memory card may be lost or deleted. To achieve back the lost or deleted data from memory card you can create use of Mac memory card recovery software.

You can find different circumstances where data loss may occur. Occasionally, memory card gets corrupt as a result of formatting, file system conversion error, file system corruption, virus attack etc. that may bring about a loss of data. In few cases, while taking out the virus using antivirus tool from memory card can even lead to data loss. Almost all of the users keep formatting their memory card for adding new data with them and quite often you might format the memory card even without saving the prior files. You could face problems of data loss and you’ll be searching for new techniques to recover the Mac files. You can recover formatted memory card data using memory card recovery software. Formatting of a memory card is comparable to formatting the hard drive. Formatting usually creates the file system to handle the information on memory cards.

Once you format the memory card or unintentionally delete data from the memory card then you need to stop using the memory card to protect your data. By using the memory card, then this data contained in it might be overwritten by the new data. When the information is overwritten when the recovery is nearly impossible. So that you need to always develop a backup of your respective important data that will avoid these problems. Just in case, in case you don’t have the backup of the data created then its suggested to work with recovery tools that may play an important role in recovering the deleted or lost data.

The type of best recovery tool is Remo Recover (Mac) – Media edition that will help to recover data from formatted memory card. This software does not merely recover data from memory card, but additionally recovers data from various kinds of hard drives, firewire drives, iPods and USB drives. This software recovers a large amount of information by scanning the whole memory card in a couple of minutes. You can download the demo version with the software which enables it to utilize trial version that will help you to watch the recovered files in preview list before restoration of data. If you realize your required data in the preview list you can purchase the entire version of the software and recover all your data.

Reteriving data from from different memory cards

Welcoming the new times with the new inventions is a part of life. With respect to it, we were introduced with the diskettes, floppies to save the data which have grown old. The new and advanced source of saving the data came with SD cards, which are mostly used in cameras. SD cards are more portable and compact to use and work with.

Most of the cameras are using the SD cards for saving the data. There are a number of companies launched their cameras with the inbuilt memory and featured it with the extending memory capability. An SD card comes with the different capacity to hold data.

A question which always arises: Is there any possibilities to recover the data after the loss? The answer to the question is yes. There are a number of ways to recover the SD card, one among them is to use the card recovery software and how to do corrupted memory card recovery.

While there are flashcards, there must also be the recovery ways so as to recover data from flash card.  

These cards have some advantages and disadvantages too, as we already know about the data loss (one disadvantage). Let’s look at the advantage of using SD cards:

  • The cards are so portable and compatible with different devices.
  • The data can be easily extracted.
  • Comes with different capacity to hold the data (2 GB, 4 GB etc).
  • Compatible with computer systems (adapter makes it easier to use for).

The card is the sufferer of data loss as another storage medium is. SD cards are connected to different systems to extract the data. Mac is also one of the OS which is widely used. So is card recovery possible? Of course, the recovery on any OS can be done.

But better to avoid this recovery process because it’s not reliable all the time and this can carry out by following some precautions which are mentioned below. But before that one ought to know that, what could be the reason behind this loss.

Power surge and power failure are in the limelight which is always a big reason for data loss If the SD card is connected to the system and abrupt ejection of a card without using the safely remove option, card connected to the system which is infected by viruses, Boot sector of cards if corrupted etc.

There are some tips to be followed which can avoid data loss.

  • A strong source of power supply to the system so that while transferring of the data abrupt shutdown of a system can be avoided.
  • Always use updated antivirus in the system to avoid the virus attack which refrains the data security and even the regularity sometimes.
  • Creating back up those data files and folders which are important.

Note: The recovery is only possible when the location of lost data is not overwritten with other data.

Thought one has followed these precautions and still facing the data losses then he/she need not worry because the recovery for SD is possible. These possibilities can be turned to the fact by using the recovery software. There are a number of trial version software download are there on the internet and are easy to use. This software can recover the data easily.

How to get back the lost jpeg images

Lost your jpeg images? Desperate to get them back? No need to worry about the lost images, you can easily get them back. I know the pain of losing your favorite images. Images are the most memorable files in one’s life. They depict the past memories of our wonderful moments. It can be your first birthday celebration photo, your mom and dad’s wedding pics which no child would have witnessed. All these are unrepeatable moments, only images can bring them back. There are many formats available for these image files. Among them the most widely used is jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) that supports colored images. They become so important and needs a solution to get them back. In this page I would like to share my experience about the image loss and also the solution to get the lost images back.

Couple of days back, I had lost my jpeg images from my pen drive, due to my carelessness. Use, actually I had been to my friend’s marriage to her native. The place so beautiful and I couldn’t stop clicking photos of the nature. I could even see the wild animals since, she lives near to the forest. I even took those pics. Also in wedding, I took many images of the bride and the groom, they looked awesome. After the wedding, when I returned home back I thought of moving the images to my system. I connected the card to my system, with the help of card Reader. Initiated the transfer process, while performing this, unexpectedly the system got shut down due to frequent power fluctuations. After some time, I just tried to restart the transfer process. I failed and also was shocked because, my memory card was corrupt due to improper ejection and all the files were unreadable. I even searched my system to find my favorite jpeg images. But due to incomplete transfer, the images were not saved in the system. I was so worried and informed all my friends about this incident seeking help. One of my friends’ helped me to get back my jpeg images easily. He suggested me to use the Image Recovery Software that could easily recover jpeg images effortlessly. I just used it; within a short while, I was able to view my entire jpeg images lost form my card. I thank my friend and the software which helped me.

This is just my experience, but I found that this utility can also be used in many other situations. As listed below:

  • Unknowingly or mistakenly deleting the jpeg image file from the device and then regret
  • Unintentionally formatting without taking the backup of the images stored
  • Removing the memory card or the external device on which the files are stored from the system without properly ejecting
  • Corruption of the file system os the cad, or any storage device

All these scenarios results in loss of images from the device. This software comes in handy and restores your entire lost or deleted jpeg files. Some of the key features of the software that make this possible are:

  • Designed with advanced scanning algorithms that scans the entire device rigorously
  • Ability to support the FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX formatted partitions also
  • Not just jpeg can even perform the jpg recovery successfully and efficiently
  • In addition to images scan also get back your lost videos, songs, RAW images and many other media files

These features make this tool unbeatable among other recovery software. Moreover it is a user friendly tool that just requires only few inputs from the user. To perform this, download the tool from here and just follow these simple steps:

  1. Install it on your Mac or Windows OS and execute the program
  2. Now select “Recover Photos” option and in the next screen choose the appropriate option
  3. Now, opt the drive, to perform recovery and click “Next”
  4. Scanning process starts and after completion you can view the files either in “Data-view” or “File type view”
  5. Preview the files and save the important pics from the recovered files list





Know How to Recover Pictures from Flash Storage Cards

Flashcard is the lightweight storage device designed and promoted by a company named SanDisk. A lightweight flash card does not need any kind of external power source or any kind of application for its use. These units are designed to store the backup of your personal or official files for use in an emergency. Flash cards can be used with universal serial port or in a card reader with the use of card adaptor in almost all type of personal computers. Flashcard is of thumb size and has potential memory capacity varying from 1 Gigabytes to 64 GB. These kinds of flash cards are created with various file systems like NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT 16, FAT 32, and many others.

Flash cards are internationally famous for reliability, speed and satisfaction. Even though these flash memory cards are reliable and provide best overall performance but are also more vulnerable in the direction of human faults and computer application conflicts. It is obvious that you have kept some important files as well as back up of all your valuable data within these Flashcards. Your data files may be images, movies, songs, official documents or some other programs regarding your work and also losing these files will certainly place you in bothering situations and you might be in finding of very powerful Image Recovery software in order to regain back all the missing files from these flash memory space cards.

Various Reasons for Losing Data from Flash Storage Cards:

Due to Infection Associated with Severe Virus: Severe infections may attack in Flash storage cards by means of downloading or even copying files from contaminated computer systems. These viruses will definitely corrupt all your data inside the Flash card including the file system. If the file system is damaged your system will make you format these Flashcards losing all your data via Flashcards.

Accidental Formatting Flash Card: You may come across erasure of image files via flash cards by means of accidentally formatting the flash card. This scenario will totally delete out your data from Flashcards resulting in loss of data scenario.

Hasty Elimination of Flash Card: Sudden elimination of flash card from the computer system or any other digital media devices like digital camera, mobile, music player, etc even though transferring files to or perhaps from computer system will cause files deletion without your knowledge.

Apart from this kind of common scenarios experienced by every one of the users globally, there are much more. Considering all the scenarios felt by flash card users as well as industry experts well-qualified programmers have designed an exclusive program for retrieval of photos and all other data missing from Flash memory cards.

Some Exclusive Characteristics of Image Recovery Software

  • This unique Image Recovery program is built along with special technique to scan every single memory segment of Flash memory card and recovers back again around three hundred various kinds of data files via Flash memory card without any trouble.
  • It has potential to quickly retrieve files of nine different groups, for example, general images, RAW images, movies, music, disk images, etc without any trouble.
  • This inimitable application can recover pictures from flash card nearly of all types of brands with various file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, HFSX, FAT 32, and so on with ease.
  • You can set up this application on both 32 bit and 64 bit dependent Windows and Mac so with minimal system necessity.
  • Employing this application you can examine almost all files retrieved. Prior tosavinge these recovered data files on any other storage device you have to activate this program to be able to full version.

How to Fix File Permission Errors in Word Files

Since six months I have been using Microsoft Word application successfully on my system to prepare the thesis work of my final semester degree project. But, today morning after editing my thesis document and when I attempted to save the changes to my Word document, I encountered an error message stating “Word Cannot Complete the Save due to file permission error”. I was shocked at that moment and became depressed as it took a lot of time in editing my thesis document. I spent more than one hour to edit my project thesis work and all my effort went in vain as my thesis Word document got corrupted. Whenever I try to save changes to my Word document I am facing the same error. How could I get rid of this issue? Can anyone please help me to overcome this issue? Thank you…….!

Don’t worry, as you can fix the issues with your Microsoft Word document very easily by implementing any powerful repair tool. Repair Office Documents software is the one trusted and powerful repair tool with which you can repair your corrupted Word document very quickly. In few easy steps, you can repair your corrupted Word document very quickly. All you have to do is just download and launch the trial version of Repair Office Documents software on your computer and run the application. It provides you the option “Preview” with which you can be able to see the repaired Word document in the demo version itself. Once you are satisfied with the result obtained then, purchase the complete version of this application and repair your corrupted Word Document.

Major factors which cause file permission errors to your Word Documents:

  • Most of the times your Word Document files will prone to file permission errors due to severe virus and malware attack
  • Sudden computer reboot, software conflicts, and many other factors will lead to the file permission errors with your Word Document files
  • Saving your Word Document in read-only file template can also cause Word Documents with file permission errors
  • If you try to make changes to the Word Documents that are stored in the shared network, then it will result in file permission errors in your Word Document files
  • When two antivirus applications are running on your system you have enabled the Windows search service then, you might encounter file permission errors in your Word Document files

You can implement Repair Office Documents software in all the above-mentioned situations in order to fix Word Document file permission error. Repair Office Documents software is equipped with special algorithms which help in fixing file permission errors in your Word Documents. It hardly takes few seconds to repair corrupted Word Documents with the assistance of only few mouse clicks on your system. Repair Office Documents software comes out with advanced features.

Advanced features of Repair Office Documents software:

Repair Office Documents tool has the capability to fix file permission errors in .doc and .docx document files. It has the ability to fix file permission errors in Word Documents created on any version of Microsoft Office Word tool such as MS Office 2000, Microsoft Office 2003, MS Office 2007, MS Word 2010 and MS Office 2013. Repair Office Documents software is compatible in eliminating file permission errors in Word Documents on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and so on. This award-winning software has the ability to repair and recover texts, OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks from Word Documents which have file permission errors. The repaired and recovered Word Documents can be saved to any destination location that is accessible to the host operating system. This award-winning tool supports for both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.

Other features of Repair Office Documents application:

Repair Office Documents software provides a simple user interface so that even a novice can handle this application very easily. It supports on FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS formatted hard drives. It is even compatible with different types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, PATA and SATA. This award-winning software is digitally signed and is completely free from malware and virus. It provides 24/7 free technical assistance whenever you need any help you can contact them. It requires only nominal free disk space of 50 MB for installation. It is cost effective product because you can purchase this software at a very reasonable rate in the market. It is very fast, secure, safe and very robust software.

Points to Remember:

In order to avoid file permission errors to some extent, some points have to be kept in mind while using Word Documents on your computer and they are listed below:-

  1. Always use only one antivirus application on your system. Running dual antivirus tool might cause any conflicts in your Word Documents
  2. It is always better to have a proper backup of your important Word Documents before encountering any sort of error messages in your Word Documents
  3. After making changes to your Word Documents, do not save it in reading only mode

Recover files from formatted Hard Drive

If you have formatted your hard drive without making any backup of your files you can easily recover file from formatted hard drive by using formatted drive recovery utility. Even this application recovers files from drive re-partitioning and re-formatting, damaged partitions, and even after reformat. This formatted hard drive utility lets you recover files from both FAT and NTFS file systems. This application is reliable and safe to use.  By using this formatted drive utility you can recover files easily. Before recovering files from formatted hard drive follow the steps given below

  • Do not use the hard drive further once it is completely formatted
  • Don’t use any data recovery software or do not try to install any software to the formatted drive
  • Do not save any files on the same formatted hard drive

How to recover files from a formatted hard drive?

To recover your lost files safely you need a good formatted drive recovery program. This software is capable of recovering files from different file types and from different data loss situations and also recover trashed files. The utility allows you to preview the recovered files before saving this helps file recovery easier. Download the free trial version of the software and evaluate the capability of the software in recovering lost files from the formatted hard drive. To recover files from formatted hard drive follow the below-given steps.

  • Connect the formatted hard drive to a performing system as a secondary drive.
  • Install formatted recovery program to the working system.
  • Run the software to recover deleted files.
  • Pursue the instructions to restore lost/deleted files from the formatted hard drive.

Data Recovery from Formatted Disk Recovery

1Hard disks are data storage device most commonly used for storing and retrieving digital information by using rapidly rotating discs that coated with magnetic material. The user can read and save their data from hard disk according to their requirements in a frequent manner. This means any amount of data can be stored or retrieved in any order rather than just sequentially. There are several types of hard drive available, among them, few are Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA), Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE), Small Computer System Interface (SCSI), Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA), etc.

Hard disk plays a crucial role in data storage, therefore need to be use them carefully. Sometimes, you format hard disk while formatting other drive and face data loss issue. Before formatting hard disk, people must be very careful and ensure that they have taken the back up of important data saved on hard drive, because formatting process remove all the data present on that particular drive. Even sometimes even a single virus-infected file can also make entire disks inaccessible. So to access such drive you need to format that particular drive by which the entire data store on it become lost.

Are you facing disk formatting problem? Have you accidentally formatted your disk instance of another one? Do you want to recover formatted hard disk data? If yes, then no need to worry about data loss, you can easily retain your important data after formatting disks. So to recover formatted drive data you need an application because there is a manual way to perform data recovery from formatted disk. Formatted Disk Recovery is one of the best tools that has been specially developed to recover data from formatted disks.

Before talking about the features of this program let us talk some most common causes which lead to disk format. There are many scenarios by which people format their drive and regret, some of these are mentioned below:

  • Sometimes, due to some errors, you do not allow to access drive data and you force to format the drive for accessing it.
  • Virus infection in the file system also contributes to formatting the drive.
  • During reinstalling the operating system you need to format the drive if you haven’t taken the backup of the data your entire data will be lost.
  • Improper partitioning of the drive will also result in formatting.
  • When you’re changing the file system you should format your drive.

In above mutation situations, you need to take back up else you will lose the entire data saved on hard disk. Whatever can be a reason behind disk formatting, you can recover them by making the use of Formatted Disk Recovery application. This software can even perform formatted FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+ and HFSX hard drive recovery without any difficulty. The key features of this program are:

  • Recovers data from various formatted hard drive such as IDE, SATA, SCSI, ATA and portable hard drives also
  • Has efficient and fast scanning algorithm which takes small amount of time to scan the complete drive
  • Formatted Disk Recovery tool is capable to restore various types of data including documents, songs, worksheets, videos, pictures, games and many others
  • Restore data from the formatted drive even after re installing the operating system
  • Can also recover files from crashed or non-booting hard disks
  • Provides “Save Recovery session” option which avoids the re-scanning of one’s lost data so we can resume the process simply by opening the saved session