Can i recover my files?

Many people think important files stored in hard disk, USB drive, compact flash card or other media is very secure and won’t get deleted for any reasons. But, one thing that user forgets is that it is an electronic device and files stored on it is not secure for long time. There are several reasons due to which your files may get deleted / lost, some of them are accidental formatting, virus threats, OS crash etc. When you come across such situation you get worried and start to think what to do? But, now on wards it is very easy to regain your deleted or lost files with the help of file recovery software. To know more about how to recoup deleted or lost files visit

Some popular reasons dependable for file loss:

  • Operating System crash: Another common reason for data loss is OS crash. The operating system may crash due to software incapability or hardware conflicts; you will end up in losing data after OS crash.
  • Hard drive related issues: Important files can also be lost due to hard disk crash, formatting / reformatting, or re-partitioning the hard disk without taking proper data backup or deleting / formatting wrong partition during hard drive re-sizing or disk conversion process.
  • Inappropriate usage of externally connected devices: Inappropriate removing of externally connected device from the system, like memory card, USB drive etc., causes reasonable harm to their file system. The devices may be inaccessible due to improper removal, which results in loss of data.
  • Repeated power outage: When your system shut down accidentally, due to power surge. That may cause damage to the file system of the hard disk. This event can affect the files which were still being in used at the time, so it may affect the drives having those files. This can even make the whole hard disk unapproachable, results in loss of data.
  • Operating System installation: Operating system installation should be done very carefully. One wrong move causes deletion of all the files that are present in the respective drive. Even when you install multiple operating systems in the same system and when trying to format the selected drive the user might format other drive which erases all the information it contains.
  • Unintentional format: The accidental formatting is one of the main reasons that cause loss of file, that are present in the system. While trying to format the drive for partitioning or for some other task, we may accidentally right click on the external hard disk and press the format option and in a minute it takes off all the files that are present in it.

Few important guide lines to prevent file loss from hard disk or any external devices:

  • You have to regularly maintain your important files backup.
  • Viruses can get into your system in numerous ways, by reading an infected attachment in your email or by sharing files which are already infected and by visiting websites that take advantage of security flaws to compromise and destroy your files, so you have to use the authorized antivirus software to get free from virus threats.
  • Always you have to quit your programs before shutting down your system. It saves your important data then exits the program when you quit a program. In case if you turn off your system without properly exiting your applications and closing your files then resulting in losing your files.

By scanning the hard disk drive you can regain your deleted files within a few minutes. The deleted files get bypass when Recycle Bin reaches its maximum size, you can recoup that files also. With ADS (Alternate Data Stream) attribute you can obtain deleted files from NTFS formatted drives. The files which are regained can be sorted on the basis of size, name and file types. One can use this tool to recoup files from FAT and NTFS drives.

It is possible to download the demo version of this application which lets you preview the regained files before data restitution. In case you are satisfied with the recoup result and want to save the obtained files, you have to purchase the full version of this software.