Know How To Recover Deleted Files from Maxtor External Hard Drive

maxtorExternal hard drives are the secondary storage devices used by people for taking the backup as well as saving their important files. These external hard drives are manufactured by many world leading brands. Maxtor is one of them, which develops very high quality external hard drives. People can face files deletion issue from Maxtor external hard drive. There are various causes such as Maxtor external hard drive is not being recognized by the system, virus infected on the drive, accidental deletion, accidental formatting or re-formatting Maxtor hard drives, file system corruption, improper handling of Maxtor external hard drive, etc.

Not only these causes, there are many other causes by which files can be deleted from Maxtor external hard drive. After deletion of files, people can think about how to recover deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive because these files can be very important for them. When a file gets deleted from the computer, still it is possible to recover those deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin. Sometimes, when people are not able to find their deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin folder, in such case files bypass the Recycle bin folder and get deleted permanently.

When a file deleted from the computer drive, it won’t get deleted completely. Only the pointers to the files get deleted from the file directory. Operating System marks the space as free space available for saving new files. But still your data will remain in the drive and if people use the drive further to create and save the data, this could overwrite old files with new one. Unlike this, when a file is deleted from external hard drive, it gets removed permanently rather than moving to the recycle bin folder. But these deleted files are still in the drive, due to this people can easily recover deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive but to recover them, people take the help of an advanced third party tool like Maxtor Data Recovery and easy get back their deleted files within few simple mouse clicks.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Maxtor External Hard Drive?

In order to restore deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive, people can utilize Maxtor Data Recovery software. This app is specially developed for recovering deleted files from Maxtor external hard drives by using advanced scanning algorithms.

Features of Maxtor Data Recovery Application:  

  • This easy to use software is able to recover deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive as well as various other data storage devices like system drives, Pen drives, flash cards, memory cards, iPods and FireWire drives.
  • With the help of this hassle free approach, people can recover different types of deleted files like Videos, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, images, audio files and many others easily.
  • Maxtor Data Recovery software also allows people to preview of restored files before saving them to other drives. This Preview option is very useful if people have to recover many files.
  • It can be utilized on all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac based operating systems.
  • People can also recover deleted files from drive based on their file type, name, signature, extension, creation date, etc. without any more difficulty.

Tool to Recover Data from Hard Drive Disk on Windows

images (1)Microsoft Windows systems are most commonly used across the globe. These OS has a large number of features like very easy to use interface, people can easily install or uninstall the program and doing copy past or data transferring operating very quickly. Unlike other operating system like Unix or Linux, there is no need to learn any command. People can do anything by following simple instructions given by Windows system. Microsoft has already launched a series of Windows computer such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008. All these visions have some new advanced features compare to their previous versions. In all of those, Windows 10 is the latest operating system which has been recently launched by Microsoft.

In order to save users data such as images, documents, archives, videos, audios, text files, excel files, pdf files, pictures and programs, these systems uses hard disk. This hard disk is known as internal or system hard disk. Sometimes, people may face their important data deletion issue from their Windows disk. After encountering such difficult situations, people want to recover them at any cost because it can be their important official or personal files. The recovery of deleted or lost files from Windows disk data can be easily achieved by using an advanced third party app like Windows Recovery Disk because there is no other way to get back deleted data from Windows system disk.

Before proceeding with data recovery procedure and features of this advanced software, let us discuss some most common reasons which may lead to data deletion or loss from Windows disk:

  • At the time of formatting or re-formatting other disk connected with the Windows system, people may wrongly select Windows disk partition and face data deletion issue.
  • During working with Windows system or transferring data from one disk to another, if computer goes off due to power surge or low battery, then it will lead to data loss.
  • Presence of bad sectors on Windows disk, system crash, virus infection, corruption of file system, etc. can be the reason behind data deletion or loss from Windows disk.
  • Sometimes, people use command prompt, key combination, to delete the data present on the disk. During this process, there is a chance of important data deletion from Windows disk.

In order to recover data from Windows disk which can be deleted or lost in any way as mentioned above, people can take the help of Windows Recovery Disk program. This utility has been developed with the help of an advanced scanning algorithm which performs deep scanning of Windows disk and recovers each bit of info as it was before deletion or loss. Windows Recovery Disk app supports data recovery from Windows disk can be in any file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16, etc. without any difficulty. With the help of this software, people can easily recover data from Windows hard disk which can be corrupted, inaccessible, damaged, formatted or reformatted very easily. This utility is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows operating systems. After recovering the data, people can also take the preview of their recovered data before saving them to another memory location.

Get Back All Your Deleted Files from Windows and Mac PCs in Few Steps

Have you ever been come across the situation like deletion or loss of important files from your Windows and Mac PC’s and searching for a reliable third party application to get back your deleted files? If yes, then you stepped in right place. Instead of wasting your valuable time in searching recovery tool you can make use of this reliable and 100% guarantee software called Deleted File Recovery software.

Get back deleted filesAs we all know that hard drive plays an important role in the world of both Windows and Mac PCs. It is used to store vast amount of system data and personal data such as audio, video, image files, documents, spreadsheets, office files, etc. Even though if the files are saved very safely in the hard drive due to some unexpected reasons the data gets deleted or lost. No need to worry under such scenarios, you can easily get back deleted files with the help of the Deleted File Recovery software. Before applying the recovery tool it is mandatory not to save any new files on the drive as it overrides the previous files and leads to permanent deletion of files.

Common scenarios due to which files get deleted or lost:

  • While performing the delete operation user might select some important files accidentally and hit delete option.
  • At the time of transferring the files from external storage device to systems hard drive, if any unwanted disturbances occur like sudden power surges, improper ejection of external storage drive, abrupt system shutdown, etc. then it results in the deletion or loss of files from Windows and Mac PCs.
  • While performing read and write operation user might come across one error message stated “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? If the user unintentionally clicks on format option without taking backup them there it results in permanent deletion of files.
  • Recycle Bin or Trash folder are used to collect the deleted files and folders and from there user can recover the files whenever required. If the accidentally bypass them then the files get deleted permanently.
  • Some other factors like virus attacks, bad sectors, unreliable third party applications poor antivirus tools, hard drive crash, etc. also leads to deletion or loss of files.

Features of Deleted File Recovery Software:

  • This software is used to get back deleted files from various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • It consists of an advanced in-built scanning algorithm which has the proficiency to scan the entire computer hard drive and restores the deleted or lost files with few mouse clicks.
  • This application easily recovers deleted files and folders from external storage devices like external USB drive, memory card, external HDD, iPods, MP3 player, FireWire drives and so on.
  • This software is also used for recovering deleted or lost files from NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 partitions.
  • It consists of “Save Recovery Session” feature which helps the user to save the recovery time by avoiding the rescanning process of computer’s hard drive.
  • The restored files are slotted on the basis of their various file characteristics like file name, file extension, file size and its creation date, etc.
  • The recovered files can also be previewed by using preview option before going to place them in any desired location of computer.


Undelete Shift Deleted Files from Windows 8 Computer

Windows 8 is the most recent arrival of working framework with loads of element peculiarities created by Microsoft. It has quicker boot time as contrasted with the past adaptations of Windows working framework. Notwithstanding, now and again while expelling unnecessary files from Windows 8 machine you may have picked a key file and pressed on “Shift + Delete” alternative. This can prompt perpetual erasure of record from Windows 8 machine. Have you ever confronted such an undesirable circumstance and coincidentally shift deleted critical file from Windows 8 PC? In the event that yes, then unquestionably here is one stop arrangement Computer File Recovery programming that is capable enough to recover shift deleted files from Windows 8 machine with no worries.

Nevertheless, when you utilize Shift + Delete keys to eradicate the records it will bypass Recycle Bin and get for all time erased from Windows 8 machine. Rather, it will erase the file name from the record and imprint the space as free. Subsequently, the records will be totally expelled from the Windows 8 machine until and unless erased documents are overwritten with the more current ones. Along these lines, one ought to quickly quit utilizing the Windows 8 machine to abstain from overwriting. Else, you can essentially utilize Restore Computer File programming to undelete shift-deleted files from Windows 8 machine inside short compass of time.

Explanations for Deletion of Files from Windows 8 PC:

  •  Emptying Recycle Bin: The file get for all time erased when you empty the Recycle Bin or when it sidesteps the Recycle Bin because of oversize i.e. surpassing size breaking point of Windows 8 Recycle Bin.
  • Improper Windows 8 PC Shutdown: At sure times, while getting to or exchanging different critical files from Windows 8 machine to other storage gadget, amid the methodology if any kind of hindered as if sudden computer termination can prompt lasting permanent erasure of files from Windows 8 PC.
  • Files Deleted utilizing Third Part Tool: Whenever you make utilization of any inconsistent outsider apparatus or unapproved programming builds the possibilities of perpetual cancellation of records from Windows 8 PC.

With a specific end goal to conquer the aforementioned explanations for perpetual deletion of files from Windows 8 machine, one ought to rapidly take fitting reinforcement of paramount information to other outer storage media. On the other hand, sadly on the off chance that you are not able to keep up fitting information reinforcement and forever-erased critical record utilizing shift delete key consolidation. Presently, would you say you are supposing how to get Shift Deleted files on Windows 8 computer? At that point, quit stressing! Since, here is a one-stop arrangement Computer File Recovery tool stash that empowers you to recover shift-deleted files from Windows 8 computer readily available. To grab more information about the page, click here

With the assistance of this grant winning programming you can restore shift deleted files from Windows 8 machine hard drive of sorts like SATA, SCSI, IDE, and so forth of various assembling brands like Seagate, Kingston, Buffalo, Transcend, and so on. This product backings to recover shift deleted files from Fat16, Fat32, NTFS, Ntfs5 and ExFAT file system. Furthermore, you can utilize this prepared to utilize device to restore forever erased files from external hard drive, USB flash drive, Pen drive, Thumb drive, and so on. Separated from Windows 8 machine, even you can recoup shift deleted files from different variants of Windows OS 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and so on.

Easiest Way to Recover File After Factory Reset

“Two days before, I accidentally reset by laptop factory setting. I forget to create a backup and had lots of important file on my laptop hard disk drive including my mother and pop 25th anniversary photographs. Those photos along with other data are important to me, just how can i recover my files which I lost after factory reset? Is there is in whatever way!!! Please let me know!!!”

Have you lost your data after factory reset??? Then don’t be upset because on this chronological age of technology, every problem has its solution and you problem too has. Don’t lose your patience!!! Stay calm!!The files which you lost after factory reset are still present in your laptop and are in recoverable state. After factory reset, the files are not permanently lost you just lost its address location. Which means the files remain there inside the hard disk drive of your laptop, despite you reset your laptop factory settings. It is possible to restore files after factory reset by utilizing efficient recover file tool.

Reasons which made users to do factory reset

  • Unintentionally reset setting: Between hurry, users accidentally click reset button. At the moment when you have backup of the drive data then it’s ok. But, if not need to face an enormous loss of data.
  • To improve computer performers: Usually users choose factory reset option to speed up the computers, without backing up quite data which ends up in file loss in the drive.
  • To be rid from errors: User reset factory setting property from too many errors encounter during system launch or while executing any programs.
  • Sort out virus infection problem: Many time users did factory reset, when their system got stuck because of virus infection and not respond properly.
  • Personal purpose: If anyone desires to sale his computer and do not want someone else to access his private information, then also he go with the factory reset option.

Is it possible to recover files after factory reset?

Yes it is!!! As discussed above the recovery software, will allows you to restore your files which you have lost after factory reset. It is such an amazing tool to perform file recovery. It recovers deleted/ lost files without searching for the main reason of knowledge loss. By using this recovery program you are able to recover files several storage drive including iPod, USB drives, pen drives, memory cards, external hard drive etc. Additionally with media file this stool will also support recovery of RAW picture files of numerous extensions etc.

You can run this application on all latest versions of Windows (Windows 7/Windows Vista/ Windows XP/Windows server 2008/ Windows server 2003) and Mac (Leopard/ Snow Leopard / Lion) OS. This application not just helps you in recovering files after factory reset, but enables you to restore your formatted disk data. Demo version of this tool is available. You can try this software and check the probability of recovery.

How to perform file recovery after factory reset?

First download and install file recovery software for your computer. Run the application and stick to the main screen procedure. Use deleted file substitute for recover your deleted files. Or go for lost file recovery option to recover lost files. The applying performs scanning process first then displays all the logical and external drives attached to one’s body. Choose the drive, from where files can be recovered and click on next. The tool scans the chosen drive and displays every one of the lost / deleted files. Preview the files before saving them. Save the rescued files for your desired location.


  • Don’t install the recovery program on the drive from where you’re really wants to recover files.
  • Checkout for that free space of the drive, before installing the program.
  • Backup you important files on some reliable storage source, before factory reset.

Can i recover my files?

Many people think important files stored in hard disk, USB drive, compact flash card or other media is very secure and won’t get deleted for any reasons. But, one thing that user forgets is that it is an electronic device and files stored on it is not secure for long time. There are several reasons due to which your files may get deleted / lost, some of them are accidental formatting, virus threats, OS crash etc. When you come across such situation you get worried and start to think what to do? But, now on wards it is very easy to regain your deleted or lost files with the help of file recovery software. To know more about how to recoup deleted or lost files visit

Some popular reasons dependable for file loss:

  • Operating System crash: Another common reason for data loss is OS crash. The operating system may crash due to software incapability or hardware conflicts; you will end up in losing data after OS crash.
  • Hard drive related issues: Important files can also be lost due to hard disk crash, formatting / reformatting, or re-partitioning the hard disk without taking proper data backup or deleting / formatting wrong partition during hard drive re-sizing or disk conversion process.
  • Inappropriate usage of externally connected devices: Inappropriate removing of externally connected device from the system, like memory card, USB drive etc., causes reasonable harm to their file system. The devices may be inaccessible due to improper removal, which results in loss of data.
  • Repeated power outage: When your system shut down accidentally, due to power surge. That may cause damage to the file system of the hard disk. This event can affect the files which were still being in used at the time, so it may affect the drives having those files. This can even make the whole hard disk unapproachable, results in loss of data.
  • Operating System installation: Operating system installation should be done very carefully. One wrong move causes deletion of all the files that are present in the respective drive. Even when you install multiple operating systems in the same system and when trying to format the selected drive the user might format other drive which erases all the information it contains.
  • Unintentional format: The accidental formatting is one of the main reasons that cause loss of file, that are present in the system. While trying to format the drive for partitioning or for some other task, we may accidentally right click on the external hard disk and press the format option and in a minute it takes off all the files that are present in it.

Few important guide lines to prevent file loss from hard disk or any external devices:

  • You have to regularly maintain your important files backup.
  • Viruses can get into your system in numerous ways, by reading an infected attachment in your email or by sharing files which are already infected and by visiting websites that take advantage of security flaws to compromise and destroy your files, so you have to use the authorized antivirus software to get free from virus threats.
  • Always you have to quit your programs before shutting down your system. It saves your important data then exits the program when you quit a program. In case if you turn off your system without properly exiting your applications and closing your files then resulting in losing your files.

By scanning the hard disk drive you can regain your deleted files within a few minutes. The deleted files get bypass when Recycle Bin reaches its maximum size, you can recoup that files also. With ADS (Alternate Data Stream) attribute you can obtain deleted files from NTFS formatted drives. The files which are regained can be sorted on the basis of size, name and file types. One can use this tool to recoup files from FAT and NTFS drives.

It is possible to download the demo version of this application which lets you preview the regained files before data restitution. In case you are satisfied with the recoup result and want to save the obtained files, you have to purchase the full version of this software.

How to perform deleted file recovery from computer hard drive?

The hard drive is a secondary storage device in the desktop and laptop computers. It is logically partitioned into several units normally called as drives in order to separate the user data to the system files. On Microsoft Windows systems, Windows operating system designates the ‘C’ drive to a primary partition on the hard drive by default. Total hard drive storage memory space can be allocated to all the drives created by the user. By default Windows allocates some storage memory space for the Recycle Bin. Usually this space is used for temporary storage of the deleted files. On Microsoft Windows systems, the files deleted from the hard drive by using the ‘Delete’ command are moved to the Recycle Bin. These deleted files can be easily restored from the Recycle Bin to their original positions whenever needed. Sometimes what happens that the files deleted from hard drive using some other controls will not be moved to Recycle Bin. In this particular situation you cannot recover the deleted files back without the use of any third party software. However, do not worry you can completely recover files from computer hard drive after deletion by using a relevant file recovery software. By applying the file recovery software it is simple to perform deleted file recovery from computer hard drive.

Sometimes you may use the ‘Shift + Delete’ key command to delete files from the hard drive. In this process, the files deleted from the hard drive bypass the Recycle Bin. When you delete some files from the hard drive by accident using the ‘Shift + Delete’ key combination, then this situation may lead you to lose the important files. Deleting files through the command prompt may also lead you to face the similar situation. Due these two reasons you may lose a few important files from the hard drive and hence resulting in the loss of data. Other than these situations, you may lose the files due to improper file transmission process, a sudden system shutdown, power failure, accidental emptying the Recycle Bin and files deleted by certain third party applications.

Anyhow, the files deleted from the hard drive will not be removed permanently. Instead of that the storage space is reallocated for storing the new files and the pointers which are pointing to the deleted files are reset. So you have a possibility to recover files from computer hard drive even after deleting files and emptying the Recycle Bin. For doing this, you need to use a good file recovery software. A file recovery software lets you to perform deleted file recovery from computer hard drive. You can also make use of this software to recover deleted or lost files from the various storage devices like flash memory cards, compact flash cards, portable hard drives and USB flash drives etc. It is suggested that to download the demo tool initially in order to evaluate the file recovery process before buying the full version software. Once you get satisfaction with the trial version, you can purchase the complete version file recovery software.

How to recover PowerPoint file?

PPT is the default file format in order to save presentations in Microsoft office PowerPoint 2003 or earlier versions. It got replaced by PPTX file format. It is one particular tool that is contained in Microsoft Office Suite. Also, it can be used to design professional presentations. It is user-friendly. However, due to security and compatibility of PPT file over different systems, it is chosen against PPTX file. PowerPoint offers an option to convert PPTX files to a PPT file in Microsoft office PPT 2007 and 2010. It is a complete package of entertainment and professionalism. You can easily convey any information in a simple manner.

PowerPoint presentations are generally used for market analysis, survey reports, project details etc. They are an easy way to present the information and results. You can make a presentation for your business proposal. What will happen if your PPT file gets corrupt or damage? You may lose your sponsors if you are not able to give the presentations on time. In such kind of worst situations, you have to use PowerPoint file recovery software to recover office files. The common reasons that are accountable for the deletion of PPT files are highlighted below:

Virus infection due to third party tool: Virus is the most common reason for the deletion of PowerPoint files. Because of virus, your whole file, folder or the system could get corrupt. If you’re installing any third party tool, then it will raise the chances of virus attack and can result in the PPT files inaccessible.

Conversion and power fluctuation in an improper way: Throughout the conversion of the presentation from older version to a newer version, there are lots of likelihood of your important data getting deleted. This improper conversion happens due to power surge at the time of conversion.

Due to accidental deletion: Sometimes, you may lose your files by accidentally deleting it. This occurs while using a combination of shift+delete key. One more reason for accidental deletion of files is when you carry out cut and paste process. Because of improper execution of this process, you might lose your data from your PowerPoint presentations.

Deletion and emptying of files from the recycle bin: Most people have the habit of clearing the recycle bin. But, sometimes it turns into a disaster and you will lose your data. So, it is suggested to check the recycle bin before you clear it.

With the aid of PowerPoint file recovery software, you can get back the files which got deleted from the PowerPoint. It is user-friendly and self-explanatory. It is suitable for all the different versions of Windows Operating System like Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista and Windows XP. You are able to download this tool for the recovery results.

How to recover deleted files in Windows XP?

Windows XP is the most popular version of the Windows operating System, which is used by majority of the people. Windows XP provides user-friendly interface so that most of the users use Windows XP OS. Most probably, Windows XP operating System is used in general purpose computers including desktop at home or business, media centers and notebook computers. Windows XP provides many features like built in firewall protection, fast switching between different profiles, security and privacy, access to the internet, gaming, instant messaging, etc. Windows XP is famous all over the world because of its better stability and higher efficiency feature when compared to the other operating Systems.

Windows Operating System provides Recycle Bin in which all deleted items will get stored. Usually Recycle Bin is located onto the desktop in all computers. When files are deleted from the computer, those deleted files will get stored in the Recycle Bin. Before deletion of any files, Recycle Bin icon will be visible as empty and after deleting any data from Windows Computer, those deleted files will move to Recycle Bin. However when any files are deleted using Shift + Delete keys combination then those deleted files will not get stored onto the Recycle Bin. When any files are deleted accidentally using Windows command prompt then also those deleted files will not get stored in Recycle Bin. In such cases to recover deleted files in Windows XP you should make use of file recovery tool.

There are many instances, which leads to deletion of files from Windows XP. When Recycle Bin folder becomes full then deleted files will bypass from Recycle Bin. If any files are deleted accidentally when Recycle Bin is full then this situation will cause loss of data. After accidental deletion of any files if you empty the Recycle Bin, then also it will cause data loss situation. When System shutdown is done improperly then also you may lose some of the files from your Windows computer. If you are using antivirus software in your Windows computer then antivirus software may delete some virus-infected files from Windows computer. If defrag process fails due to some error occurrences then you may lose some of the files from Windows computer. Before file loss occurs from the system, you should take some precautions to avoid file loss scenarios. It is better to keep backup of all-important data in CD, DVD or in the external hard drive. If you lost any files from your system then you can restore those files from the backup.

If you have lost any files then there is no need to worry regarding recovery of lost files. Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition software can recover deleted files or lost files from your system. The software can recover deleted or lost files from hard drive, memory card, flash cards, memory stick, etc. The software can support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008. Demo version of the software is freely available in the internet using which you can evaluate chances of recovery. Download and install demo version of the software in your system. If you are satisfied with the recovery result obtained from demo version then you can purchase complete version of the software.

Effective ways to recover files from laptop hard drive

If you accidentally delete a word files from the laptop hard drive, you can easily recover those deleted or lost files from hard drive. You can easily recover deleted files from Recycle Bin, when you delete a file from the hard drive. It directly stores in Windows Recycle Bin, Recycle Bin acts as a temporary storage for all your deleted or lost files. Files can be lost or deleted due to various reasons like accidental deletion, accidental formatting or re-formatting, virus attack, power failure, file system corruption, third party utility malfunction, hard drive crash, defragmentation failure, hard drive having bad sectors etc. if you have lost or deleted files from all the above mentioned scenarios you can easily recover deleted or lost files by using a good Word document recovery. This software helps you to recover deleted or lost word files easily.

Now you can Download Remo Recover (Windows) Basic edition software at free of cost. Download the demo edition to check the chances of recovery using this software.

Follow the few steps given below after formatting your drive or partition

  • Stop using the laptop hard drive immediately after formatting, because it might overwrite your deleted or lost files
  • Do not save any new data or files on the formatted laptop hard drive or partition, when you continue saving new files on the same drive it might overwrite your deleted or lost word files
  • Don’t try to install any software to the partitions or hard drive from where you have lost the data. This might overwrite your lost data by new data
  • Do not re start  your drive or partition after formatting your laptop drive

How to recover files from laptop?

You can easily recover word files from laptop hard drive by using good recovery software. Before selecting the software read the blogs and articles about the product from the internet. . Before finalizing a product check whether the utility can restore files from damaged partitions, re-partitioned and re-formatted laptop hard drive. It is good to choose an application, which recovers files from various file formats like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access etc. and also from all major data loss scenarios. Make sure the selected software allows you to preview files and folders before saving it. Always download the trial version of the software and evaluate the ability of the software in recovering lost files before buying it.  Later you can buy the full version of the software to recover deleted or lost word files from laptop hard drive. Follow the simple steps given below to restore deleted files from formatted laptop hard drive

  • Remove the hard drive and connect the formatted laptop hard drive to a well functioning PC or laptop as a secondary hard drive
  • Download and Install recovery software to the functioning PC or laptop to recover files from it
  • Run the application to restore deleted Word files from laptop
  • Follow the instructions and according to that retrieve files from formatted laptop hard dive