How to Add or Delete Word File Bookmarks

What is Bookmark in Microsoft Word?

A bookmark in MS Word helps us to jump to a specific location in a Word file. It works with the Hyperlinks feature of Microsoft. Word file bookmarks identify a location or a selection of text which will be used for future reference.

Method to add a Word file bookmarks

  1. Select the item or click location where you want to assign a bookmark in Word file.
  2. Click the Insert icon in the menu bar.
  3. Click on Bookmarks tab in the Links
  4. In the Bookmark page, enter Bookmark Name and hit Add button

Note: The name of bookmark should start with a letter and can contain any numbers. You can use the underscore symbol to separate words instead of spaces. 

Procedure to delete bookmarks in Word document

  1. Open the Word file and navigate to the Insert
  2. Click on Bookmarks tab in the Links
  3. Next, choose the bookmark that you want to delete and Click Delete
  4. After the bookmark is deleted, close the bookmark page by clicking the Close

If you want to eliminate bookmark not defined error in Word file then just click on the given link and learn the process.

Know About the Latest Release of Tag Heuer

The Tag Heuer Connected is that the 1st humanoid Wear smartwatch created by a Swiss horologist. With an enormous show, a chrome steel frame, and powerful guts within, the Connected is that the forefather to all or any the luxurious wearables which will inevitably follow it, and it is a marvelous piece of gear.If you never had a compulsion to shop for a Rolex, Breitling, or another European watch whose name you are most likely mispronouncing, then adding smarts to a “luxury” watch is not getting to modification your mind. In fact, it might actively counsel you. If the thought is to possess one thing passed down through generations, the short with-it period of most gadgets (two years, if you are lucky) makes the Tag Heuer Connected a laughable proposition.

Mainly as a result of the Tag Heuer does not surpass anything-it all around smart, however not nice. it isn’t the best-looking watch, that arguably goes to the Apple Watch or even the Huawei Watch reckoning on your preference. it isn’t the most lasting either-that distinction is Pebble’s alone. And it’s positively not the most cost effective. Not even shut. however this is often the world’s 1st smartwatch created in partnership with an organization that truly makes luxury watches-not a school company deceit it’s fashion sense so in a very method, it is the 1st of its kind.

So what will the Tag Heuer Connected really get right? Well, a few things. the largest one is that the Bluetooth association on this watch is solid. I’ve typically found that the desired association between my phone and watch are often uneven with most Humanoid Wear or stone watches, however, the Connected ne’er blipped or born an association.

Second, the watch face appearance nice and also the watch is ready to show a low-power watch face while not sacrificing an excessive amount of battery. Therefore at the terribly least, you’ll forever see the time-no wrist-flicking needed, and also, the full 360-degree show means that you’ll see it dead from any angle. However if you are going to count pixels, you will be thwarted. For such an enormous screen 248 pixels-per-inch is just too few. You’ll find out every individual component clearly. It is often to a small degree distracting and it is also way fewer pixels-per-inch than the Apple Watch and different wearables, therefore, the screen lands up trying less stellar than less expensive competitors.

The small very little UI additions, as well as free luxury watches, faces through the Tag Heuer app and slight color changes to the apps menu, makes for a splendidly fantastic watch. If the Connected price $300, and you are already an acquaintance of massive and ponderous timepieces, you should’ve bought one yesterday.

Learn About How to Troubleshoot Your Mac with Activity Monitor

Today let us study how to use Activity Monitor in order to manage memory of Mac, fix slow applications and to troubleshoot different issues. In order to launch the Activity Monitor app, go to Applications> Utilities there you will find Activity Monitor Two sections of the Activity ActivityMonitorDiskActivityMonitor on the screen are divided.

  1. The Processes Table:

The list of both system processes and open applications are shown on the main pane. In the Process list, notice how many items will appear. The additional columns can be viewed in “View > Columns” menu. Ones you want to view expand the “Columns” option will appear in Activity Monitor.

  1. System Monitor Tabs

At the top of the Activity Monitor there will be five category tabs i.e. “Memory,” “Disk,” “Energy,” “CPU,” and “Network”. On your requirement click on to the various processes listed above. Real time stats are is shown by each pane for that resource, as well as graphs. Every five seconds the real-time statistics are updated, by going to “View > Update Frequency” and there selecting frequency level you can make that longer or shorter.


The tab of CPU will display you the use of processes in your computer’s processor. The percentage of the total CPU process, the name of the user, how long it was active, and the process launched service and many more.

Wait for few minutes when the process is not responding, to see whether it will crash or normal operation. Or else by clicking terminate the process in question and go to “View > Quit Process”. To force quit click on the X button that is present on the toolbar. As the user ignore the processes which have “root” listed and running from your user account focus on those.


Information about the usage of RAM is shown on the Memory pane. Many different options can be sorted as with the CPU tab and at the bottom of the Memory pane you can see more information that includes a live updating graph.


For the laptop users the Energy pane is extremely useful. The battery used by all the apps is showed by this; so that you will get the idea of how much life you are getting from your laptop. At the bottom of the Energy pane, you can sort many options and more information. The energy impact of running apps can also be seen, also over the last eight hours the average energy impact of each app can be seen. Apart from these three, there are two more categories i.e. Disk and Network.

How to Play Local Video Files with a Chromecast?

Chromecast is nothing but a small digital media player designed and developed by Google Company. It is used to stream the videos from Netflix, YouTube, and other online websites. This device is used to play the audio and video on television or any other audio system by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi or internet. As VLC media player hasn’t received its long promised Chromecast support, but there various solutions and you can use them to stream the videos. The only thing you have to do is install Google Cast extension.

How to install and use video stream for Google Chromecast?

After the launching of Google Chromecast most of the people got attracted with its features. It is nothing but a chrome application and if you want playlist support you have to pay 0.99 U.S dollars. You can install this Google Chromecast from the Chrome Web Store. After installing it you can pick a video file on your computer and select the Chromecast for which video you want to stream. Now your Chromecast will stream your selected video from your computer without any graphical issues and stuttering that occurs by using tab-casting feature. Videostream has the capability to support any media file, where MP4 is the most effective video file format supported by Google Chromecast. Videostream also converts or transcode the file automatically as it streams it to your Chromecast.

How to set Plex Media Server?

The Plex Media Server has an integrated Chromecast support where Plex is nothing but most popular media server solution. You have to install Plex on your computer. After installing you can access it from all the other devices. Plex has application for various devices. I.e. from mobile phones, and video consoles to the Apple TV. If you have already installed Chromecast then open the Plex web app in your Chrome and now you are able to cast videos and other media files directly to your Chromecast. Now your Chromecast will stream the media from your Plex media server. If you want to watch only few videos, you can use videostream. If you want to setup home media server the Plex will work for you very effectively.

Why the Browser tab or full desktop streaming is not recommended?

If you are using Google Cast extension for Chrome then it support following feature like drag and drop a video file. Like dragging an MP4 video file into the Chrome browser window and Chrome can play that video file back in a tab. Now for this feature go to the Google Cast extension icon then select your Chromecast. Now you can Chromecast the current tab. You can also play the videos in various applications on your desktop. Such as VLC player, etc. For this click the Google Cast icon in Chrome, click the icon which is next to the Chromecast and select Cast Entire Desktop option. Now make the video full screen and it will stream your Chromecast. If your stream the video in this way, they won’t be smooth and crisp. So it is recommended not to use these methods.

Chromecast doesn’t provide any way to plug in a USB drive and paly the local files. So you are stuck with the streaming of videos over the internet. So in this case Plex and Videostream take advantage. They will set on your computer and provides media server from where the Chromecast streams the video. So that’s why it is much more efficient than tab and desktop streaming, which requires your computer to encode a video, record the screen, and stream it to your device.