Reteriving data from from different memory cards

Welcoming the new times with the new inventions is a part of life. With respect to it, we were introduced with the diskettes, floppies to save the data which have grown old. The new and advanced source of saving the data came with SD cards, which are mostly used in cameras. SD cards are more portable and compact to use and work with.

Most of the cameras are using the SD cards for saving the data. There are a number of companies launched their cameras with the inbuilt memory and featured it with the extending memory capability. An SD card comes with the different capacity to hold data.

A question which always arises: Is there any possibilities to recover the data after the loss? The answer to the question is yes. There are a number of ways to recover the SD card, one among them is to use the card recovery software and how to do corrupted memory card recovery.

While there are flashcards, there must also be the recovery ways so as to recover data from flash card.  

These cards have some advantages and disadvantages too, as we already know about the data loss (one disadvantage). Let’s look at the advantage of using SD cards:

  • The cards are so portable and compatible with different devices.
  • The data can be easily extracted.
  • Comes with different capacity to hold the data (2 GB, 4 GB etc).
  • Compatible with computer systems (adapter makes it easier to use for).

The card is the sufferer of data loss as another storage medium is. SD cards are connected to different systems to extract the data. Mac is also one of the OS which is widely used. So is card recovery possible? Of course, the recovery on any OS can be done.

But better to avoid this recovery process because it’s not reliable all the time and this can carry out by following some precautions which are mentioned below. But before that one ought to know that, what could be the reason behind this loss.

Power surge and power failure are in the limelight which is always a big reason for data loss If the SD card is connected to the system and abrupt ejection of a card without using the safely remove option, card connected to the system which is infected by viruses, Boot sector of cards if corrupted etc.

There are some tips to be followed which can avoid data loss.

  • A strong source of power supply to the system so that while transferring of the data abrupt shutdown of a system can be avoided.
  • Always use updated antivirus in the system to avoid the virus attack which refrains the data security and even the regularity sometimes.
  • Creating back up those data files and folders which are important.

Note: The recovery is only possible when the location of lost data is not overwritten with other data.

Thought one has followed these precautions and still facing the data losses then he/she need not worry because the recovery for SD is possible. These possibilities can be turned to the fact by using the recovery software. There are a number of trial version software download are there on the internet and are easy to use. This software can recover the data easily.

How to bring back formatted memory card?

Memory card is one of the smallest digital devices capable of storing various data on large scale. You can use it in your cell phone or even in your digital camera. Apart from various advantages you can lose data from memory chip very easily. Sometimes during verification of different functionality of the mobile phones, if you have accidentally hit the format option then you can lose entire data present on the memory chip. After such formatting you can lose all your vital data which you saved from various sources for some specific purpose. Data loss in this manner cannot be rolled back simply, as after formatting of memory card there is no such tools on the cell phone to restore it. But even during this situation don’t panic!!! As Recover Memory Card software can get back your memory card data at your fingertips.

Sometimes users attached the memory card with the system by using card reader to transfer some file from memory card to computer. If the system is having some malicious virus infection then there is high risk that memory chip also gets infected by that particular nasty virus. After getting such virus contamination data stored with memory card also get infected with this virus program. Sometimes virus infection can corrupt a whole memory card. In this situation there is only one way to make your memory card accessible i.e. format the memory card. After format you will lose all your data stored with it. If you wish to recover formatted memory card data then you need to utilize the application which is mentioned earlier.

Apart from formatting of memory card you can lose your data by accidental deletion of memory card data. Sometimes when you find several useless files on the memory card then you must delete those unwanted files. Along with the useless files if you have deleted some of your vital files from memory chip then situation becomes critical for you.

Recover Memory Card application is an efficient tool to rescue memory card. This tool is supported by all the popular versions of Windows based system. Even you can restore pictures and various media files which have got deleted due to various unknown and known reasons. If you have quick formatted the memory card then also this tool is capable enough to rescue memory chip data.

Easy way to restore memory card data

Memory cards the most used mass storage devices among many gadgets. Frequently memory cards are employed in cameras to keep all media files i.e. captured photos, video clips and audio songs; and cellular phones to save its various data. Loss of data all such data from memory cards is very regular due to different reasons.

One of the situation in which data gets lost from memory cards can be explained in detail here. Think that you had inserted a memory card to your system to access certain important files from it. But as soon as you inserted the card, there was a message like the card is not formatted, would you like format it now. Without any thought you just clicked yes and that’s it the card data was lost all at once. This formatted card data was very important and you regretted for losing all those data by your simple mistake. In such cases of data loss from cards, you need to first stop using the card for any further storing purpose, because it will overwrite the lost data. And then without any delay, make use of card recovery software to restore lost data. Common reasons that may cause data loss are:

  • Improper mounting of card – While mounting the card on any gadgets like digital cameras, cell phones, etc. it has to be placed at right place. Else data saved on it or being processed, will end up corrupt due to which you have to lose many data
  • Memory card corruption – If the memory card is exposed to any malware then each of the data that is saved on it can get corrupt and incomes inaccessible. This way you may lose data from memory cards
  • Power issues – While using the memory card on system if the system goes off due to power surge then the files on the memory card sometimes goes missing or many times becomes unreadable as the files becomes corrupt.

You may also find many other scenarios in which data may be lost from memory cards. One can overcome all such loss of data situations by making use of card recovery program.  The program yields good results in recovering complete data from various memory cards. The software allows you to recover pictures on Mac and Windows OS based computers. The program has attractive problem solving features such as,

  • Recovers lost data from all models of memory cards such as Sony, Transcend, HP, ADATA, SanDisk, etc.
  • Effectively retrieves all file kinds of media files like MPG, WAV, JPG, CR2, BMP, MP3, MP4, GIF, etc.
  • Restores data from various storage devices like CF, xD, SSD, XQD, SD flash memory cards, pen drives, memory sticks, external hard disks, etc.
  • Perfectly recovers data from formatted memory cards of all types.

The application can recover data from formatted, corrupt or damaged memory cards. The software program is capable of efficiently working on various systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc. You may use demo sort of the software on both Windows and Mac systems. And then in case the demo type of the application is efficient in recovering all of the lost data then you can definitely purchase complete software.

Guidelines to recover corrupted memory card

Memory card is an electronic storage media designed for storing the digital data. It is used in digital cameras, laptops, cell phones etc. Memory cards are mainly used to store photos, music, video clips and text document etc. There are different types of memory cards are offered in the market. They are like SD (Secure Digital) cards, CF (Compact Flash) cards, Smart media card, Memory stick and Multimedia card etc. Most trendy card is SD card. SD card is also known as secure digital card. SD card offers high data transfer rate and low power consumption and also to preserve the stored data in memory card, there is no need of power that is it uses flash memory to make available of nonvolatile storage.

However data from memory card may delete or lost due to corruption of memory card. You can recover memory card using some advanced data recovery tool. If the memory card gets corrupted, all files from this card become inaccessible. Therefore you need to recover corrupted memory card in order to access photos, videos and other data from the card.

Main reason for memory card damage is human mistakes. If the camera is turned off prior to image saving process is completed, there is a more chance to get corrupt the card. It also happens, if the card is ejected abruptly before saving the image or during transferring the data from the card to the computer. Memory cards may also get damage due to low battery that is if your camera is on low battery or if the camera switched off during capturing photo results in card damage.

After capturing a photo it will take some time to save. If you are going to take one more photo before saving the earlier taken image, there is a more chance of memory card corruption. There are also some other reasons which cause data loss from the memory card such as file system, virus attack, accidental formatting of memory card, accidental deletion of files, etc.

Thus due to many reasons you can lose data from the memory card. These reasons are valid to all sorts of memory cards. However there is no need to worry because the recovery software is available through which one can easily recover memory card. This software makes use of strong inbuilt scanning algorithm to recover corrupted memory card. First it scans entire memory card during that time it searches the lost data and restores them within few minutes. Using this software you can recover photos, video clips, music etc from any type of memory card. It also facilitates you to view or check the recovered data before storing them. You can save the recovered data in the same location or in any other storage media like hard drive, Pen drive, iPod, external hard drive, USB drive, etc. You can also download the demo version of this software in order to estimate the memory card recovery before purchasing complete version of this tool.