Quick guide to recover deleted folders in Outlook

MS Outlook is the preferable email client. Outlook not only deals with emails but also acts as a personal information manager to manage email contacts, calendar items, notes, journals, appointments, meeting schedules, etc. In order to manage all the attributes, Outlook needs to store all the attributes data somewhere in the local hard drive, for which it uses PST file. PST is a database file which acts as a local storage folder for Outlook. The size of the PST file is limited in all the versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000 and below versions has 2GB PST file, 2003 and 2007 have 20 GB and in Outlook 2010 size of PST file is 50GB.

Since the size of PST file is limited, most of the Outlook users prefer to delete unwanted items from their Outlook profile. Sometimes deleting emails or other Outlook folders leads to loss of data. Since most of the people regularly use Outlook at work and home to access emails, deletion of some important email or other Outlook items leads to critical data loss problem. In case if you have deleted some important files or folders from Outlook profile and thinking about how to get them back, here is a best possible way to recover deleted folders in Outlook.

Apart from deletion, there are other reasons for Outlook data loss like corruption of PST file. Since PST file is the main storage folder used by Outlook to store all its data, corruption of which freezes the Outlook access and leads to huge data loss.

No matter how you have lost your Outlook data, recovery program will always help you to get it back. Outlook recovery software facilitates you to restore deleted emails and other Outlook items. Using some PST repair tool you can fix the damaged PST file and recover data.

You might be thinking how does a recovery tool restore the deleted item which is not even listed in Deleted Items folder. Whenever you delete any email or Outlook folder, only the pointer stored in an index file which points to the stored location of deleted file or folder will be removed but actual data still exist in the PST file. However, it cannot be accessed by Outlook with a pointer but recovery utility scans the PST file and recovers such data.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one such popular Outlook repair and recovery utility which facilitates you to fix damaged PST file and recover lost data. Using this tool you can recover deleted emails and other Outlook folders. This software will never harm your original PST file at repair and recovery process. This software scans the corrupt PST file, extracts data and creates a new PST file in Outlook 2003-2010 which you can easily import to your Outlook profile without any modifications. This tool facilitates you to recover deleted emails and other folders from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and it also supports OST files. In case if you don’t know the stored location of PST file to recover deleted items, this tool helps to search for a built-in Find tool.

If you are looking for an efficient and secure Outlook repair and recovery utility, then download Remo Repair Outlook (PST).

Best method to repair oversized PST file

PST file is nothing but a Personal Storage file which is used in Microsoft Outlook to store all data of Outlook profile. Outlook data includes emails, calendars, contacts, notes, to-do lists, journals, RSS feeds, meeting requests, etc. PST file not only provides data security, it also provides a lot of data storage space which is not possible by the web-based email clients.

Using Outlook has many advantages, as it is very simple to backup all data and migrating Outlook to a newer version or another operating system. To take Outlook backup, just you need to take the copy of a PST file which is located in “C” drive’s “Documents” folder. PST file was used in almost all the versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. However, the PST file has its size limitation in MS Outlook. The size of PST file was different for different versions of Outlook, like PST file size in earlier version Outlook 2002 is 2 GB and in latest version Outlook 2010 it was 50 GB.

The size limit associated with PST file of Outlook issues many matters. There are lots of possibilities to get PST file corruption if it crosses its size limitation.  Due to the oversized PST file, the Outlook will not open and it will display errors. Once the PST files increase beyond its limitation, you will not be able to work with Outlook. In that case, you need to repair large PST file by making use of some third party tool. The most popular software is PST repair tool, which is used by almost all users of Outlook, to fix large PST file Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, 2010 etc.

You can also minimize the possibilities of oversized PST file by making use of Outlook 2003 and 2007, where the PST file size is 20 GB. Still, there are chances of PST file corruption due to oversized PST file. It may happen because of plenty of email conversations through the Outlook profile. The attachments which are stored with emails can increase the size of PST file. Even if you deleted emails to make free space in PST file, still they are stored in “Deleted Items” folder which is stored in Outlook. If you deleted emails from this folder, they are not permanently deleted, only the PST headers are deleted and that space is just marked as empty. Only by compacting PST file, its size can be reduced. If any error occurs during compacting of PST file can also lead to its corruption.

There have been also other reasons for PST file corruption such as virus attack, improper shutdown of the computer system, abnormal termination of Outlook, operating system crash, power surge, sharing file over network, file system corruption, etc. Still, you have the chance to repair oversized or corrupted PST file and to recover all attributes of Outlook. Oversized PST file can be repaired only by making use of some advanced repair tool like “Repair Outlook (PST)” software. This software repairs Outlook mailboxes, the recovered data stored in a new PST file and later this file can be imported into your Outlook profile. You can download a demo version of this software if you want to evaluate Outlook data recovery.

Scan PST in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 users must have experienced many issues with PST file; for example, the PST file might refuse to open. Outlook might stop responding or users can even get some error messages. All these corruptions are due to the PST file corruption. If it is due to corruption, the user has to be extremely careful when trying to fix the Outlook. If not handled with care the user might lose the emails and data. Scan PST in Outlook 2010 is therefore used to fix these corruption issues.

ScanPST.exe what is it?

It is an inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool which is provided by Microsoft Outlook in order to understand these kinds of defects in PST files and repair it. ScanPST. scans the entire PST File and tries to rebuild the structure of the corrupted PST. file. How to scan pst file in outlook 2010 must be the question running in a user’s mind. To make ScanPSt work, the scanpst.exe file needs to be searched manually. The location of the ScanPST file differs for each and every Outlook versions. From Outlook 2010, scan pst outlook 2010 runs and fixes the issues automatically.

Another important point on how scan pst outlook 2010 works is that scanpst needs to be run several times until it shows there is no more error or defects in the PST File. In spite of running several scanpst.exe several time, errors may still be there, this might fail to fix an Outlook account completely.

This doesn’t mean you have lost your Outlook items forever. You have the Outlook 2010 repair software- Remo Repair Outlook. Remo Repair Outlook is designed to fix the corrupted PST file without losing any of the Outlook attributes.

No, your Outlook items are not lost as there is an easy solution to fix the corrupt Outlook file using Remo Repair Outlook (PST). Yes, the software is designed to repair your corrupt PST file securely without losing any of your Outlook attributes. It can even recover missing Outlook data and fix several Outlook PST file problems.

Outlook 2010 Repair Software- Remo Repair Outlook

  • Download and run Remo Repair Outlook software.
  • From the main screen, choose “Open PST File”. The user can choose the file provided they know the location or opt the Find PST file if they do not know the location. The user can also choose Select Outlook Profile if they want to restore the PST file based on the Outlook Profile.
  • After clicking on the necessary requirements, click on the Browse button in order to opt the PST file which needs to be fixed.
  • Next, choose the scan option and add the destination to which the repaired Outlook needs to save.
  • Ones the repairing is completed, the list of the repaired files will be displayed.

Note: Remo Repair Outlook can also be used when there is a pop-up messaging stating

Uses of Remo Repair Outlook:

  • When Outlook 2010 PST File Not Valid and starts to show error messages the user can use this software.
  • To fix Outlook email account.
  • To repair profiles created in Outlook.

Remo Repair Outlook is an advanced version of ScanPST. It understands and reads the damaged PST data and helps creates a healthy PST by removing all error and damages using the unique algorithms. The original file is never modified; this will keep the original outlook data safe. The application can fix password protected or encrypted PST file.

The software supports; Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.

An accurate method for how to repair damaged PST file

The worst situation would be that the Outlook PST file gets damaged where we lose some important Outlook data like Inbox emails, contacts and calendar appointments etc. The Outlook presents an inbuilt damaged PST file repair tool that is Scanpst. It can also be called as an Outlook Inbox repair tool. It is useful once we face the PST file corruption condition in an Outlook. But this Inbox repair tool has some limitations over repairing the damaged PST file in Outlook. If the Outlook PST file gets severely damaged as a result of some disaster situations, an inbuilt Inbox repair tool may fail to fix the Outlook PST file corruption problem. In this situation the question may arise in your mind like how to repair the damaged Outlook PST file when a builtin Inbox repair tool does not work properly. Anyway, you need not to be concerned about how to repair Inbox in Outlook when Scanpst fails since there are many alternative Outlook PST recovery tools available today to repair the damaged PST file on Outlook.

All Outlook attributes like Inbox emails, Sent emails, Calendar appointments, Contacts, Journal, Notes and Tasks are together held in one particular PST file. When corruption occurs to this Personal Storage Table file, you’ll lose the entire Outlook attributes. However, the PST file could get corrupted as a result of numerous reasons like using the same PST file from multiple users over a network, improper compaction of the PST file size, virus attack, turning off the laptop computer before closing the Outlook application, corruption on the PST file header and occurring of an incompatibility while upgrading the Outlook from a lower version to advanced version etc.

The Outlook Personal Storage Table file will likely be stored on a hard disk. You’ll be able to move or delete this PST file as just like other files on your own hard drive. So there are probability of accidentally deleting the PST file from the hard disk. When this occurs, you can test some file recovery software to get back the deleted PST file. However, while recovering the deleted PST file from the hard drive by making use of data recovery software, you will find a likelihood of Outlook PST file getting corrupt.

Anyhow, it is possible to repair the Outlook PST file that is corrupted as a result of any above mentioned reason by making use of a right Outlook PST recovery software. It is best to download the trail version of the software program ahead of purchasing the full version to be able to test the software competence. The Outlook PST recovery software program is ideal for repairing the damaged PST files on Outlook, which can not be repaired by the Scanpst tool. You can employ this tool for repairing the damaged PST files, that are generated from the different versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This Outlook PST recovery software is compatible for windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Proper way to recover Outlook data after Scanpst error

Microsoft Outlook provided with an amazing Inbox repair tool called ‘Scanpst’. It could be automatically installed using the installation of Microsoft Outlook. Scanpst.exe tool enables you to fix the errors present in Outlook PST files in addition to repair the corrupted or damaged PST files. If you’ll find errors in PST file then scanpst.exe thoroughly scans the PST file and extracts all errors by having the use of fixing an error. With the help of scanpst.exe, you can easily fix the errors of PST files and hop on without obstacles. However, in some instances, scanpst.exe tool may fail to fix the PST file errors and while accessing it you could possibly face various Scanpst errors. In such a case, you should employ 3rd party Microsoft Outlook PST repair tool as a way to fix Outlook after Scanpst error.

Microsoft Outlook is among the commonly used e-mail application inside computer for personal use. The Outlook attributes like E-mail Messages, Calendar Items, Contacts, Appointments, Meeting Requests, RSS Feeds, Tasks, Journals and Notes get stored by creating Personal Storage Table (PST) file. PST file provides a simple and easy , fast way to access the Outlook data without the troubles. However, now and again PST file could become erroneous and don’t open the stored Outlook data and resulting in loss of data. The PST file may damage or corrupt due to various situations like PST file exceeding its maximum size limit, sharing PS file over network, corruption of PST header, the error in compacting PST file and virus attack etc. In these cases, scanpst.exe helps you to repair corrupted or damaged PST file and recover lost Outlook attributes. However, sometimes, scnapst.exe tool may be not able to repair PST files and while wanting to hop on you can find few errors. The possible errors are the following.

  • The procedure access point couldn’t be perfectly located in the dynamic link library
  • Causing an oversight with all the number 80040806
  • Encountering associated with an error that leads to prevent scanpst.exe
  • Entry reason for scanpst.exe not found
  • Failure of scanpst.exe having an error 80040806

The appearance of Outlook Scanpst error states how the scanpst.exe tool isn’t working properly. When scanpst.exe tool ceases to perform its tasks, by making use of alternative Outlook PST repair tool you can actually repair your corrupted PST files and able to access Outlook attributes. The Outlook PST repair tool is an excellent corrupt PST file repair tool that can be used just in case Outlook Inbox repair tool cannot repair the corrupt PST files. Download this corrupt PST file repair tool, by applying this tool you can repair corrupted PST files which might be created with different versions of Microsoft Outlook including Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2010. This tool can be used to repair corrupted PST files that are password protected PST files. It generates a new PST file and extract the corrupted PST file contents then restores into new PST file making sure it won’t affect the existing PST file.

How to recover Microsoft Outlook emails?

MS Outlook is an e-mail program which directly connects to the web Service Provider in order to access your email. You can maintain, archive and accomplish Microsoft Outlook data and also set up your personal email accounts and this Outlook data will be stored on the computer in place of central server. MS Outlook makes use of folders in order to organize and manage the information. Though, the folder list in Outlook causes it to be appears like it stores information in the folders, it stores the entire Microsoft Outlook data in a single non-relational database file which is called PST file. The various versions of Outlook are listed below: Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2005, Outlook 2007, and MS Outlook 2010 etc.

Microsoft Outlook consists of Auto Archive feature, which is capable of creating other .pst file which is named as archive.pst. This feature permits you to avoid PST file corruption by taking out the old items from PST file and will store it in archive.pst file. But, Microsoft Outlook is not able to protect the data against human errors. In such circumstances, it is required to use outlook mail recovery tool for the mail recovery. Now, let’s talk about some scenarios which are accountable for loss of emails. They are highlighted below:

Due to accidental deletion of emails from Microsoft Outlook: Your emails may get deleted accidentally or emptied from “Deleted Items” folder will lead to loss of emails. Emails which got deleted from the Outlook folder except “Deleted Items” folder could be recovered from “Deleted Items” folder.

Due to oversize PST files gets corrupted: The various versions of Microsoft Outlook have different PST file size limitation. For example, Microsoft Outlook 2003 has got the size limit of 2GB for PST files. When the size of the PST file exceeds 2GB then PST file may get corrupted or damaged that can make your emails inaccessible.

Because of antivirus scanning, you might lose your emails: Antivirus program is generally used to remove viruses. However, occasionally this may also lead to loss of emails. If the emails that you receiving are infected by viruses then the antivirus program which is installed on your computer might delete those mails during scanning.

With the aid of outlook mail recovery tool, it is simple to recover your mails from Microsoft Outlook. This tool allows you to undelete the mails from MS Outlook inbox and repair damaged PST file which can’t be repaired by Scanpst.exe tool. It may repair PST file that is corrupted due to oversize. It can also recover your email from OST file. This software is able to restore the accidentally deleted emails from “Deleted Items” folder. You can download this utility for the recovery results.