How to recover deleted emails?

The Microsoft Outlook is the majorly used email client when it comes to sending or receiving an email but also other important files relating to all the mails, folders, attachments, settings, meeting requests, contacts, tasks, task request, journal and notes etc which records in a separate destination i.e. Personal storage file(.pst files). When these data is been stored up onto the PST file and suddenly it gets damaged and encounters the problem of unable to access information stored onto the PST file.

What are the common scenarios for PST file getting damaged?

The most common circumstances where you find the accidental deletion of mails, contacts, tasks, formatting or reformatting, partition corruption or reformatting, unexpected software failure or system shutdown, virus attacks etc.

The PST file has a limited memory capacity of 2 GB for storing up the information, when the data is been exceeded from the prescribed capacity whereas it leads to the corruption of PST file. To avoid this problem, we can also use the method of compacting where a simple mistake may also cause corruption of PST file while compacting.

Solution to recover deleted PST file

These are the common situation being faced in the Microsoft Outlook, but when this kind of problem arises there is always a solution comes to rescue from recovering deleted emails. The Outlook recovery utility which has the deeper scanning algorithms and researches the problem, restores the important attributes of the outlook such as such as attachments, password, bcc and cc but also recover lost outlook contacts etc.

Recover data lost during reloading of Windows

Of all the scenarios whereby one might need to recover deleted files perhaps the most intriguing is attempting to do so after we have reloaded our Windows operating system. Usually this is the very last thing we would want to do. But when we’re dealing with a crashed hard drive the options are somewhat limited. We can remove the hard drive from our computer and connect it by means of cables to a second computer.

Using a data recovery software program downloaded onto the working PC we can then access all of the files both existing and deleted stored on the failed hard drive. Those files can be safely copied to a new location. Needless to say this is somewhat difficult from a hardware perspective. Another option is to recover deleted files after formatting has taken place. Remember whenever you reload your Windows operating system you also as a byproduct of this process reformat that computer’s hard drive and erase all archived files.

Why bother to backup your photo collection?

One should always make backups of digital images stored on their camera memory card. These cards store digital pictures in what is known as the RAW file format. A good idea is to simply copy all of the data in its RAW file form from your camera memory card onto your computer’s hard drive or other safe storage. Then you can allow the Twain software to convert your files to more common image formats such as jpegs. This way in the event that you need to recover digital photos you will have a copy of the original source files.

Having this allows you to recover photos far more easily. However you will need to purchase a targeted digital image or media recovery program that expressly supports the file types created by your digital camera. Every camera manufacturer uses a unique to them file type for the initial storage of data that has been converted from optics to digital information.

Recovery of Microsoft Office and obscure document file types

When you choose a program for Microsoft Office file recovery double check to be certain that the file recovery utility you select supports all the latest versions of Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook 2007 and Word 2007. You will be unable to recover deleted Word document files if the program you choose is unable to recognize all the variations of the original Microsoft Word doc files. This same situation exists when dealing with Microsoft Excel. The latest versions of Microsoft Office all have special customized file types.

Another factor to consider is that many free Word document processing programs use file types completely incompatible an unfamiliar to Microsoft Office. Examples of these would be .ABI files from Abiword and File extensions proprietary to use with Polyedit and Open Office. Furthermore only the best data recovery tools are capable of doing more than simply scanning for file extensions and from that recognition reattaching a Word document file name. These better quality data recovery tools can actually recognize the coding structure attached to a Microsoft Office file.

Drive cloning and reinstatement versus direct file copying

I’ve experimented with creation of image files as clones of hard drives and partitions. Generally my results have been pretty poor. I have no problem creating the image file and sending it to external storage such as placement in a folder on an external hard drive. But when I attempt to reinstall the image file in such a case as using that file for a backup of a partition or entire hard drive it never wants to install properly. Actually I had never successfully been able to do this. For this reason when I need to copy for backup purposes hard drive information I generally use a straight file to file copy utility.

In cases where I have an entire deleted partition I then use a powerful third party data recovery tool for deleted partition recovery. Partition recovery software of this kind is designed to quickly scan even the largest hard drives and partitions creating a list of all named data and deleted data on that grouping of hard disk drive sectors.

External hard drive data recovery on USB 3.0 devices

I am sitting here wondering why my only 6 month old PC does not have a 3.0 USB drive. 3.0 USB is ten times faster than the older 2.0. But does that mean it is better? Transcend company makes extremely high quality durable external hard drive units. All of these are set up to accommodate USB 3.0. A point that is rarely considered is that the higher speed that we transfer data at often results in lost information.

Most PCs are going to have to be refitted with a 3.0 USB card in order to transfer data at this higher speed. Without the installation of said card one can expect a higher than average degree of file corruption and the resultant need for use of data recovery software. This software will allow you to recover deleted files from Transcend drive devices. Popular Transcend company devices include external hard drives, camera memory cards and USB flash drives. Most quality data recovery tools will allow you to recover data from external hard drive devices made by all of the major manufacturers.

Recovery of your Windows and Mac files made simple

I spend around 10 hours every day working with information technology systems. I test them and I write about them. Because of this I’m extremely aware of the limitations many data recovery programs have inherent within them. One of these limitations is the need for an extremely high level of computer expertise in order to affect certain types of data recovery.

While I might have the ability to recover crashed hard drive files by using a version of Puppy Linux, I assure you the average computer owner does not. However there are programs for both Windows recovery and Mac recovery that allow even a novice computer tech to quickly and easily recover damaged, lost or deleted files from their computer. Remo Software makes an excellent suite of tools for data recovery. These tools include targeted programs for Windows and Mac recovery as well as special purpose utilities.

Fighting off virus attacks with formatting and file retrieval

There are a few viruses that were created expressly to target solid state devices such as memory sticks and USB flash drives. These malware attacks are capable of attaching themselves within your SD card, memory stick or flash drive in such a way as to be a hidden file. And when you do locate the file it will be disguised using a common Windows operating system file name such as autorun. A great way to recover photos from corrupted memory stick and other solid state devices is to use a photo recovery program as a protective buffer.

The data recovery tool insulates your hard disk drive from spread of the virus, yet allows you to selectively choose photo files for recovery. Better programs for photo recovery can also be used to recover lost data from flash drive storage in the same manner. Simply accessing files on a corrupted memory stick or other solid state digital storage device allows malware and virus programs to transfer to the registry of your computer.

Viable options for putting a crashed computer back online correctly

There are two ways to rescue files from a crashed hard drive. One is what we would call before the fact and the other is after the fact. What is meant by this is that it is always preferable to access files on a crashed hard drive before reloading the Windows operating system. Reloading your version of Windows regardless of which one it is reformats your hard disk drive resulting in deletion of all stored files. In order to effect a crashed hard drive recovery before reloading Windows one must remove the hard drive in question and connect it to a working PC by means of cables. This is actually not too difficult a task and should you have recently deleted files on that crashed hard drive you will then be able to use hard disk recovery software to scan the drive for any recently deleted and recoverable files.

Should you not have access to a second working Windows based computer or should you feel that the technical aspects of connecting this are too difficult you can use more powerful hard disk data recovery software such as programs made by Remo Software to recover your lost files even after your hard disk drive has been reformatted by reinstallation of Windows.

Matching a computer recovery tool to your file loss problem

You may have noticed in looking for programs to recover data that most companies have four or five and even a dozen different data recovery products available. The reason for this is that there are of course many different operating systems and each of these operating systems deals with many specialized types of files. This is why you will see for example a program for Mac photo recovery, or iPod recovery. The same company may be selling a Windows data recovery product designed for restoration of files from a crashed hard drive and yet separately sell a Windows recycle bin recovery program.

There are programs specifically created for deleted files recovery and software built expressly for recovery of damaged or corrupted files. This latter instance is especially true when dealing with digital photo recovery. Most of the better and more reliable data recovery software companies make available either a toll free number or chat line to assist you in choosing exactly which program for data recovery is best for your problem.