How to Recover Mail from Corrupt Outlook PST File?

Microsoft Outlook is the personal information manager and most important email client application used all around the world for communication purpose. This application is developed and designed by Microsoft Company and comes with the package of Microsoft Office suite. Outlook mainly consists of two files namely OST files and PST file which helps to manage the files in an organized manner. Among these files, PST plays main role as all the Outlook attributes like emails, notes, tasks, journals, RSS feeds, etc. get stored in PST (personal storage table) file.

Recover mail

Due to some unexpected situations like header file corruption, file transfer interruption, Outlook application crash, etc. Outlook PST file gets corrupted and you are not able to access the emails from it. So to avoid this type of worst situations it is strictly recommended to keep backup of PST files. Even though if backup is not provided you can still recover mail from the corrupted PST file with the help of most advanced and reliable software called Mail Recovery software. This software doesn’t modify the source file it just read the contents from it and creates a new PST file.

Reasons behind the corruption of Outlook PST file:

  • Header File Corruption: Header file which is used to store the file attributes like file name, file size, file creation date, etc. may sometimes get corrupted due to some unexpected situations. Due to this you are not able to access any Outlook attributes.
  • Up-grading Outlook Application: While upgrading the Outlook application from older version to newer one, if any interruption occurs then it will leads to the corruption of PST files. So while performing up-gradation it is better to maintain backup.
  • Human Errors: At the time of accessing the mails from Outlook, if the user abruptly closes the Outlook application then it will results in the corruption of PST file and make it inaccessible.
  • Bad Sectors: All the Outlook PST files get stored in any storage drive. If the drive consists of bad sectors then there may be chance of corruption of PST files.
  • Other Reasons:  Apart from above reasons they are some other scenarios which are responsible for the corruption of PST files. Some of them are Outlook application crash, hard drive crash, synchronizing errors, file transfer interruption, etc.

Salient Features of Mail Recovery software:

This software easily performs mail recovery on all the versions of Windows OS such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and server 2008. It consists of advanced scanning algorithm which has the capability to scan the entire corrupted PST files and performs mail recovery in hassle free manner. It is used to repair corrupted, inaccessible and damaged PST files and also supports recovery of emails on all the Microsoft Outlook versions including Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. This application is used to retrieve entire Outlook attributes like emails, notes, calendar entries, tasks, RSS feeds, etc. This software is also used for repairing damaged DBX file and consists of preview option to have preview of recovered mails.

How to fix inaccessible Outlook profile?

Have you ever faced the situation that, you wish to send a mail to your boss and failed to open your Outlook profile? Then it might be due to PST file corruption. Despite of trying with inbuilt repair tool also you have a threat of losing all important mails, contact lists, tasks, notes etc.? Then no need to be worried, Outlook repair tool comes with excellent features to fix all sorts of corruptions.  This tool is widely utilized to revamp Outlook errors and successfully fixes the PST file. Let’s see why your Outlook profile becomes inaccessible.

  • Outlook profile becomes inaccessible due to up gradation: – Suppose you wish to switch from lower version of Outlook to higher version of Outlook, and then you need to important all items. If this process is done improperly then PST file could corrupt and Outlook becomes inaccessible. Sometimes, the imported emails could not support and you may lose them even.
  • Over sizing of PST file may lead to corruption: – Outlook may be inaccessible when PST file gets oversized. It happens because, the PST file has particular size limit, when this exceeds the predefined limit then it gets corrupt. Hence you will lose all content of Outlook.
  • PST file corrupt due to saving on server: – PST file will be corrupted and turn out to be inaccessible, when you give out them continuously on unsecured server by network devastation.
  • Virus hit: – As we know that Outlook application requires recurrent network connection, so there is always a prospect of virus hit on your system. Once the virus gets into your system, then it habitually corrupts all Outlook items and makes them unapproachable to you.
  • Abrupt termination of Outlook: – If you close the Outlook application due to sudden power loss or by unintentionally. Then your Outlook PST may get damaged and you will be incapable to access Outlook items.

Thus, PST file corruption directly leads to Outlook errors and you will be incapable to access them. No matter why the PST get corrupted, Outlook fixer can easily fixes the error and makes you to access inaccessible Outlook profile with ease. This tool supports almost all versions of Outlook. You can repair Outlook 2010 and 2007 without any difficulty.  This tool is specialized with revamp features and diminishes the PST corruption after using it.

This tool extracts the content of corrupted PST file and reinstates them in fresh files and in appropriate manner. It performs both recovery and repair process, it can recuperate Outlook attributes such as emails, folders, contacts, notes, calendar items, tasks, journals etc.

It is supplemented with a rapid scan tool to recognize corrupted PST file. Once the scan process is finished, then it provides instant preview option to view all repaired items using Outlook style browser view. It is susceptible to fix password protected PST file too. It produces attributes of Outlook after fixing the PST file in Outlook 2003 to 2010 format.  It has one more advantage that all emails or any other items of Outlook which are emptied from deleted folders can also be retrieved. You can also look for for PST files on your system, if you do not recognize the store location of PST files.

You can freely get this tool in demo version, so simply download the demo version for your evaluation. After running this demo version, choose the drive to scan. Once it finishes with scan then you can observe all repaired PST files and Outlook profile will be repaired. If you need to get access to all fixed items, then you have to buy the absolute edition of this software.