Effective Formatted Data Recovery

Usually people format their hard drives due to various scenarios. Some of the most common reasons include – installing a new hard drive for the first time, re-installing a latest operating system of Windows / Mac, removing errors from your hard drive, trying to get rid of virus, system errors, bad sectors, when system is running slow or when even cleaning your hard drive before selling or donating.

Since formatting, a drive will erase all the contents of the drive you need to take a backup of your data before formatting the drive. Sometimes the backup may get corrupted, you may forget to take a backup of your data or if you are reloading operating system due to a virus attack that caused serious damage to your system, taking a backup might not be possible.

You may accidentally format you hard drive partitions, memory cards etc. In any of these cases, data loss occurs and it can be recovered using formatted data recovery software.

What happens when you format the drive?

When you format a drive the operating system erases all the data on the drive and tests the disk to ensure that all sectors are reliable, it marks the bad sectors, and creates internal address tables but the actual data still resides on the drive until or unless it is over written. Therefore, data recovery software can help you get back the data that is lost after formatting your drive.

In order to retrieve all the data effectively you should not save any new data after formatting the drive. Formatted drive recovery software will help you recover all the data easily from formatted hard drives, memory cards, SD cards, USB drives, external HDD, iPods, FireWire drives etc.

This software will help you recover and restore data form any of these formatted storage devices efficiently even in the most critical scenarios. Files / folders from formatted / re-formatted partitions and re-partitioned hard drives can be retrieved easily.