Fighting off virus attacks with formatting and file retrieval

There are a few viruses that were created expressly to target solid state devices such as memory sticks and USB flash drives. These malware attacks are capable of attaching themselves within your SD card, memory stick or flash drive in such a way as to be a hidden file. And when you do locate the file it will be disguised using a common Windows operating system file name such as autorun. A great way to recover photos from corrupted memory stick and other solid state devices is to use a photo recovery program as a protective buffer.

The data recovery tool insulates your hard disk drive from spread of the virus, yet allows you to selectively choose photo files for recovery. Better programs for photo recovery can also be used to recover lost data from flash drive storage in the same manner. Simply accessing files on a corrupted memory stick or other solid state digital storage device allows malware and virus programs to transfer to the registry of your computer.