Get Back All Your Deleted Files from Windows and Mac PCs in Few Steps

Have you ever been come across the situation like deletion or loss of important files from your Windows and Mac PC’s and searching for a reliable third party application to get back your deleted files? If yes, then you stepped in right place. Instead of wasting your valuable time in searching recovery tool you can make use of this reliable and 100% guarantee software called Deleted File Recovery software.

Get back deleted filesAs we all know that hard drive plays an important role in the world of both Windows and Mac PCs. It is used to store vast amount of system data and personal data such as audio, video, image files, documents, spreadsheets, office files, etc. Even though if the files are saved very safely in the hard drive due to some unexpected reasons the data gets deleted or lost. No need to worry under such scenarios, you can easily get back deleted files with the help of the Deleted File Recovery software. Before applying the recovery tool it is mandatory not to save any new files on the drive as it overrides the previous files and leads to permanent deletion of files.

Common scenarios due to which files get deleted or lost:

  • While performing the delete operation user might select some important files accidentally and hit delete option.
  • At the time of transferring the files from external storage device to systems hard drive, if any unwanted disturbances occur like sudden power surges, improper ejection of external storage drive, abrupt system shutdown, etc. then it results in the deletion or loss of files from Windows and Mac PCs.
  • While performing read and write operation user might come across one error message stated “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? If the user unintentionally clicks on format option without taking backup them there it results in permanent deletion of files.
  • Recycle Bin or Trash folder are used to collect the deleted files and folders and from there user can recover the files whenever required. If the accidentally bypass them then the files get deleted permanently.
  • Some other factors like virus attacks, bad sectors, unreliable third party applications poor antivirus tools, hard drive crash, etc. also leads to deletion or loss of files.

Features of Deleted File Recovery Software:

  • This software is used to get back deleted files from various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • It consists of an advanced in-built scanning algorithm which has the proficiency to scan the entire computer hard drive and restores the deleted or lost files with few mouse clicks.
  • This application easily recovers deleted files and folders from external storage devices like external USB drive, memory card, external HDD, iPods, MP3 player, FireWire drives and so on.
  • This software is also used for recovering deleted or lost files from NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 partitions.
  • It consists of “Save Recovery Session” feature which helps the user to save the recovery time by avoiding the rescanning process of computer’s hard drive.
  • The restored files are slotted on the basis of their various file characteristics like file name, file extension, file size and its creation date, etc.
  • The recovered files can also be previewed by using preview option before going to place them in any desired location of computer.