How to Add or Delete Word File Bookmarks

What is Bookmark in Microsoft Word?

A bookmark in MS Word helps us to jump to a specific location in a Word file. It works with the Hyperlinks feature of Microsoft. Word file bookmarks identify a location or a selection of text which will be used for future reference.

Method to add a Word file bookmarks

  1. Select the item or click location where you want to assign a bookmark in Word file.
  2. Click the Insert icon in the menu bar.
  3. Click on Bookmarks tab in the Links
  4. In the Bookmark page, enter Bookmark Name and hit Add button

Note: The name of bookmark should start with a letter and can contain any numbers. You can use the underscore symbol to separate words instead of spaces. 

Procedure to delete bookmarks in Word document

  1. Open the Word file and navigate to the Insert
  2. Click on Bookmarks tab in the Links
  3. Next, choose the bookmark that you want to delete and Click Delete
  4. After the bookmark is deleted, close the bookmark page by clicking the Close

If you want to eliminate bookmark not defined error in Word file then just click on the given link and learn the process.