How to recover deleted or lost files from hard drive?

Hard drives are used to store all your important files and folders. Sometimes you may accidentally delete a file, accidentally formatted or re-formatted your drive or partition, corruption to the files, file system corruption, virus attack, hard disk failure, power fluctuations, Operating System crash, hard disk failure etc. all these above mention reasons may lead into data loss from your hard drive. In such case you will not be able to access your stored data from the hard drive.

When you delete or lose a file from your computer it will not get deleted permanently from the computer. It removes index of the files from the file directory of files in the folder. In this case you can easily recover the deleted or lost file from Windows Operating system using best file recovery software. It is possible to recover deleted or lost files from the recycle bin as long as the file is available in the Recycle Bin. You will not able to find the deleted file in the Recycle Bin if your deleted file is too large in size compare to Recycle Bin size. In this condition the files get deleted surpassing the Recycle Bin. In the same way if you delete a file using shift deleted keys the files get deleted from the recycle bin. You can recover those deleted files by using this recovery software.

How to recover files?

To recover files you need to select a good file recovery software. There are many file recovery software will be available in the market.  Before selecting the software you need to make sure the software is capable of recover files from various data loss scenarios like formatting, re-formatting and re-partitioned hard drives etc. check the  software allows you recover data from various file types like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, Images, audio and video files etc. Make sure the software scans the entire hard drive to recover deleted or lost files. Check whether the software allows you to Preview recovered files and folder by using Preview option.

Remo Recover (Windows) is the best solution for all the above mentioned scenarios. You can try this software by using Free demo version of the software Download Remo Recover (Windows) Basic edition. If you satisfy with the demo version results you can buy the full version of the software to recover deleted or lost files. Follow the few simple steps given below to recover files from hard drives.

  • Remove the affected hard drive form the computer, and connect it to another computer as a secondary storage device.
  • Download and install selected file recovery software to recover delete or lost files from hard drive
  • Select the drive or partition from, which you want to recover deleted or lost files. The software starts scanning the entire hard drive to recover deleted or lost files.
  • Follow the instruction and according to that recover  files from your affected hard drive

Note: Make sure that you not saving recovered data or files in the  same drive or partition from where your recovered files.