How to recover PowerPoint file?

PPT is the default file format in order to save presentations in Microsoft office PowerPoint 2003 or earlier versions. It got replaced by PPTX file format. It is one particular tool that is contained in Microsoft Office Suite. Also, it can be used to design professional presentations. It is user-friendly. However, due to security and compatibility of PPT file over different systems, it is chosen against PPTX file. PowerPoint offers an option to convert PPTX files to a PPT file in Microsoft office PPT 2007 and 2010. It is a complete package of entertainment and professionalism. You can easily convey any information in a simple manner.

PowerPoint presentations are generally used for market analysis, survey reports, project details etc. They are an easy way to present the information and results. You can make a presentation for your business proposal. What will happen if your PPT file gets corrupt or damage? You may lose your sponsors if you are not able to give the presentations on time. In such kind of worst situations, you have to use PowerPoint file recovery software to recover office files. The common reasons that are accountable for the deletion of PPT files are highlighted below:

Virus infection due to third party tool: Virus is the most common reason for the deletion of PowerPoint files. Because of virus, your whole file, folder or the system could get corrupt. If you’re installing any third party tool, then it will raise the chances of virus attack and can result in the PPT files inaccessible.

Conversion and power fluctuation in an improper way: Throughout the conversion of the presentation from older version to a newer version, there are lots of likelihood of your important data getting deleted. This improper conversion happens due to power surge at the time of conversion.

Due to accidental deletion: Sometimes, you may lose your files by accidentally deleting it. This occurs while using a combination of shift+delete key. One more reason for accidental deletion of files is when you carry out cut and paste process. Because of improper execution of this process, you might lose your data from your PowerPoint presentations.

Deletion and emptying of files from the recycle bin: Most people have the habit of clearing the recycle bin. But, sometimes it turns into a disaster and you will lose your data. So, it is suggested to check the recycle bin before you clear it.

With the aid of PowerPoint file recovery software, you can get back the files which got deleted from the PowerPoint. It is user-friendly and self-explanatory. It is suitable for all the different versions of Windows Operating System like Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista and Windows XP. You are able to download this tool for the recovery results.