How to Unformat Hard Disk?

Hard disk drive is the important section of any system; basically it provides a storehouse were users keep files and folders. If you’re using computer then surely you’ll use a hard disk. Hard disk drives have OS installed in it. Whenever we discuss about OS’s, Windows OS is employed because of amazing features and simple to use interface. Most of us use hard disk drive to keep vital information, if any unforeseen happened then there is possibility of loss of data from all of these drives. Generally, files went missing from hard disk drive if any improper operation performed on it or sometimes software conflicts creates problem.

Whenever we discuss about improper operations, accidental formatting of hard drive comes first. This momentary lapse disaster happens when the user selects wrong drive for formatting. After performing this operation they recognize that they put themselves in problem because each of the files and folders kept in that hard disk are removed. Almost all of the people who use computers believe that the files erased because of formatting the hard disk cannot be restored back. However the actual fact is that you could easily recover all the files ig you follow the guidelines given by this software.

Yes, Windows Unformat app can resolve each of the problems. Developed with advance algorithm that scan formatted hard drive in order to rescue vital data. As accidental formatting of HDD is certainly one major reason for loss of data, various other reasons are also there that are mentioned below. Take a look on these issues to in order to avoid these circumstances:

Virus or Malware Infection: Most common reason among hard disk drive users, whenever your hard disk is infected with virus infection and it can’t be heal by anti-virus program also then the only choice left to eliminate it from your drive is formatting.

MBR Corruption: Master Boot Record sometimes forces user to format the HD. Generally, MBR gets corrupted whenever your system restarts continuously {because of power surges or sometimes virus infection plays part to corrupt it.

Bad Sectors on HDD:  Whenever bad sectors are made on hard drive}, user cannot store any new files there as well as user cannot use the files which are store there. So you have to format the HDD to remove these bad sectors.

In case you formatted the hard disk drive because of one of the reasons mentioned previously and today wishes to regain each of the files and folders easily, then only make utilization of Unformat Windows application because it’s the most effective tool that you can purchase so that you can unformat hard drive in few steps.

A misconception which roams generally in most of the hard disk users mind that files and folders can’t be restored back from formatted hard drive. The actual fact is that you could retrieve data from formatted HD. When user format hard drive, the address locations given to the files are removed and the pointers are flagged as empty to store new data. Actual files remains until user overwrites that space with new files.

After these uncertain instances, utilize this advance application to extract each of the files and folders. You may also make use of this ultimate tool to unformat flash drive formatted because of unknown reasons.