Recovery of your Windows and Mac files made simple

I spend around 10 hours every day working with information technology systems. I test them and I write about them. Because of this I’m extremely aware of the limitations many data recovery programs have inherent within them. One of these limitations is the need for an extremely high level of computer expertise in order to affect certain types of data recovery.

While I might have the ability to recover crashed hard drive files by using a version of Puppy Linux, I assure you the average computer owner does not. However there are programs for both Windows recovery and Mac recovery that allow even a novice computer tech to quickly and easily recover damaged, lost or deleted files from their computer. Remo Software makes an excellent suite of tools for data recovery. These tools include targeted programs for Windows and Mac recovery as well as special purpose utilities.

Fighting off virus attacks with formatting and file retrieval

There are a few viruses that were created expressly to target solid state devices such as memory sticks and USB flash drives. These malware attacks are capable of attaching themselves within your SD card, memory stick or flash drive in such a way as to be a hidden file. And when you do locate the file it will be disguised using a common Windows operating system file name such as autorun. A great way to recover photos from corrupted memory stick and other solid state devices is to use a photo recovery program as a protective buffer.

The data recovery tool insulates your hard disk drive from spread of the virus, yet allows you to selectively choose photo files for recovery. Better programs for photo recovery can also be used to recover lost data from flash drive storage in the same manner. Simply accessing files on a corrupted memory stick or other solid state digital storage device allows malware and virus programs to transfer to the registry of your computer.

Viable options for putting a crashed computer back online correctly

There are two ways to rescue files from a crashed hard drive. One is what we would call before the fact and the other is after the fact. What is meant by this is that it is always preferable to access files on a crashed hard drive before reloading the Windows operating system. Reloading your version of Windows regardless of which one it is reformats your hard disk drive resulting in deletion of all stored files. In order to effect a crashed hard drive recovery before reloading Windows one must remove the hard drive in question and connect it to a working PC by means of cables. This is actually not too difficult a task and should you have recently deleted files on that crashed hard drive you will then be able to use hard disk recovery software to scan the drive for any recently deleted and recoverable files.

Should you not have access to a second working Windows based computer or should you feel that the technical aspects of connecting this are too difficult you can use more powerful hard disk data recovery software such as programs made by Remo Software to recover your lost files even after your hard disk drive has been reformatted by reinstallation of Windows.

Matching a computer recovery tool to your file loss problem

You may have noticed in looking for programs to recover data that most companies have four or five and even a dozen different data recovery products available. The reason for this is that there are of course many different operating systems and each of these operating systems deals with many specialized types of files. This is why you will see for example a program for Mac photo recovery, or iPod recovery. The same company may be selling a Windows data recovery product designed for restoration of files from a crashed hard drive and yet separately sell a Windows recycle bin recovery program.

There are programs specifically created for deleted files recovery and software built expressly for recovery of damaged or corrupted files. This latter instance is especially true when dealing with digital photo recovery. Most of the better and more reliable data recovery software companies make available either a toll free number or chat line to assist you in choosing exactly which program for data recovery is best for your problem.

SD card memory data recovery tools

Need to recover deleted photos from SD card storage? Do not attempt to solve this problem by using a general purpose file recovery tool. That software is great when you’re looking for an accidentally deleted jpeg or Word document. But when you have just deleted 100 large megapixel digital photographs from your Canon DSLR you need software that is specifically designed to recover deleted photos from SD card storage.

Your Canon camera stores all the pictures it takes onto a high capacity secure digital card. The images on that card are then transferred to your computer’s internal hard drive by means of what is known as Twain software. Usually this software converts the photo files to a common format such as a JPEG. Sometimes we directly transfer the proprietary camera manufacturer file types to our computer’s hard disk drive. In either case it is far too simple to accidentally delete these precious photo files. When dealing with these unique digital photo file formats one must use a data and photo recovery tool that is expressly designed to recognize your camera manufacturer’s file type.