How File Recovery from SD card Takes Place?

File recovery is the process of recovering data from corrupted inaccessible or corrupted storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, etc. As memory cards are portable, they are more vulnerable to corruptions. Generally, memory cards are used in electronic devices like cell phones and digital cameras. But, now a day, digital cameras are more in use to store data. All manufacturers of digital cameras are offering an unlimited number of data to be stored on standard memory cards like SD, XD, and CF etc. Sometimes, these memory cards may get corrupt, which may result in data loss. Generally, to store a very large amount of data people use SD memory cards. When you accidentally delete or lost data from SD card then you need to perform file recovery from SD cards.

To recover data from SD card, you can use third-party Mac data restoration software. The bad situation occurs, when you accidentally delete your data using Shift+Del key combinations. When you delete using Shift+Del key combinations, your data will not go to Trash folder instead they bypass the Trash bin resulting in file loss. Sometimes, while using a digital camera instead of clicking other option if you clicked format option then it will erase complete data and set up a new file system to store new data, which may result in loss of previous data. In some situations, if you abruptly ejected your SD card from the card reader which is connected to a computer or removed SD card from the camera when it is still on may also result in deletion or missing of data. Because, when the camera is on, it’s accessing some information from your SD card like it may be writing captured images to SD card. So, when you remove SD card from your Mac system suddenly, it may unable to complete that operation which may lead to loss of data.

To avoid these problems, properly eject or remove your SD card from the camera only when it is switched off. Create backup to avoid loss of your important data due to accidental formatting or deletion. After formatting or deleting your data, if you don’t have a backup file to restore those data then don’t use SD card in same and other digital cameras to capture images. Take your SD card and immediately connect it to the computer through the card reader to get back deleted podcast data from SD card and also from other storage devices as well. Search third-party recovery software to recover your lost data, once you get relevant recovery software try to install it on the healthy hard drive. Make sure that your recovery software is read only software means it should not perform any write operations while recovering your data.

It is recommended to you to use Mac File Recovery, which is generally designed to recover all deleted or lost media files. This software provides separate options to deleted data and lost data. More than 300 file types and all major brands of cameras are supported by this software. This software not only helps technically proficient users, even novice user can easily use this software. With successful use of the recovery tool, anyone can restore their data over the SD cards from which you have deleted your saved files.

Best method to repair oversized PST file

PST file is nothing but a Personal Storage file which is used in Microsoft Outlook to store all data of Outlook profile. Outlook data includes emails, calendars, contacts, notes, to-do lists, journals, RSS feeds, meeting requests, etc. PST file not only provides data security, it also provides a lot of data storage space which is not possible by the web-based email clients.

Using Outlook has many advantages, as it is very simple to backup all data and migrating Outlook to a newer version or another operating system. To take Outlook backup, just you need to take the copy of a PST file which is located in “C” drive’s “Documents” folder. PST file was used in almost all the versions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. However, the PST file has its size limitation in MS Outlook. The size of PST file was different for different versions of Outlook, like PST file size in earlier version Outlook 2002 is 2 GB and in latest version Outlook 2010 it was 50 GB.

The size limit associated with PST file of Outlook issues many matters. There are lots of possibilities to get PST file corruption if it crosses its size limitation.  Due to the oversized PST file, the Outlook will not open and it will display errors. Once the PST files increase beyond its limitation, you will not be able to work with Outlook. In that case, you need to repair large PST file by making use of some third party tool. The most popular software is PST repair tool, which is used by almost all users of Outlook, to fix large PST file Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, 2010 etc.

You can also minimize the possibilities of oversized PST file by making use of Outlook 2003 and 2007, where the PST file size is 20 GB. Still, there are chances of PST file corruption due to oversized PST file. It may happen because of plenty of email conversations through the Outlook profile. The attachments which are stored with emails can increase the size of PST file. Even if you deleted emails to make free space in PST file, still they are stored in “Deleted Items” folder which is stored in Outlook. If you deleted emails from this folder, they are not permanently deleted, only the PST headers are deleted and that space is just marked as empty. Only by compacting PST file, its size can be reduced. If any error occurs during compacting of PST file can also lead to its corruption.

There have been also other reasons for PST file corruption such as virus attack, improper shutdown of the computer system, abnormal termination of Outlook, operating system crash, power surge, sharing file over network, file system corruption, etc. Still, you have the chance to repair oversized or corrupted PST file and to recover all attributes of Outlook. Oversized PST file can be repaired only by making use of some advanced repair tool like “Repair Outlook (PST)” software. This software repairs Outlook mailboxes, the recovered data stored in a new PST file and later this file can be imported into your Outlook profile. You can download a demo version of this software if you want to evaluate Outlook data recovery.

Advice for Deleted Partition Recovery Process

Partitions are subdivisions of the hard drive which can be created by any user. These drives are widely used as it reduces the effort of the users in searching the files in the bulk data. If the hard drive contains huge amount of the data, then there is a need to made a hard drive into partitions as the users may feel difficult to find and access the particular file. These partitions drives have similar properties as the hard drives have and it has some additional features when compared to the hard drives.

With the help of the partitions, you can operate dual booting system on the system. You will be get beneficiated with the features of two different operating systems on the system. It helps users to stores the different types of files like an audio file, video file, multi-software, calendar, contacts, MS files, documents files, image file, games, etc. and also supports many more files according to their file extension.  deleted partition recovery

Even though partitions contain these many features, files get lost from it easily because of several reasons. Here at this stage, instead of worrying download the software named as My Partition Recovery Software. This Software is updated with features and many new options are included in this which helps you in recovering lost files from partitions. Let us see the features of this software and in which cases, this software works to recover lost files from partitions.

Advanced Features of this Utility:

  • This software has the ability to perform deleted partition recovery by scanning the entire device as it is inbuilt with strong scanning engine.
  • With the help of find option, you can find the lost files from partitions and you can preview it in its demo version which is free of cost. It may also provide the idea of recovering files.
  • It works well in performing partition recovery from different hard drives like SATA, SCSI, etc. on almost all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system.

Before knowing more about this tool, let us see the causes for the loss of data from the Partitions.

Causes for the loss of data from hard drive partitions:

  • Due to a bad sector on the drive, files get deleted from the drive and the user may have a chance of losing important file too in this scenario.
  • With the attack of the virus to the file, gets corrupted and inaccessible. So the user forcefully opts for the deletion of files. So in this case, files get lost from partition hard drive due to some virus or harmful attack.
  • A header file is file which is used to stores the basic information of file like the name of the file, file size, etc. Sometimes header file gets corrupted then it becomes harder for the user to access the file due to this corruption.
  • Hard drive failure, accidental deletion, file system corruption are some reasons in which data get deleted or lost from the partition hard drive.

The above mentioned are some reasons for the loss of data from the partitions hard drive. There is proverb saying that prevention is better than cure, so let us see prevention steps for safeguarding your data loss from the partition hard drive.

Preventive Tricks:

  • Make a habit of maintaining backup data for the vital files, as in case if you lose also there will backup file to restore the lost file. Then you can easily save the files to the desired place again.
  • Make the device free from the virus by making use of antivirus software. It will also help you in fastening the performance of the device.

How to Add or Delete Word File Bookmarks

What is Bookmark in Microsoft Word?

A bookmark in MS Word helps us to jump to a specific location in a Word file. It works with the Hyperlinks feature of Microsoft. Word file bookmarks identify a location or a selection of text which will be used for future reference.

Method to add a Word file bookmarks

  1. Select the item or click location where you want to assign a bookmark in Word file.
  2. Click the Insert icon in the menu bar.
  3. Click on Bookmarks tab in the Links
  4. In the Bookmark page, enter Bookmark Name and hit Add button

Note: The name of bookmark should start with a letter and can contain any numbers. You can use the underscore symbol to separate words instead of spaces. 

Procedure to delete bookmarks in Word document

  1. Open the Word file and navigate to the Insert
  2. Click on Bookmarks tab in the Links
  3. Next, choose the bookmark that you want to delete and Click Delete
  4. After the bookmark is deleted, close the bookmark page by clicking the Close

If you want to eliminate bookmark not defined error in Word file then just click on the given link and learn the process.

Scan PST in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 users must have experienced many issues with PST file; for example, the PST file might refuse to open. Outlook might stop responding or users can even get some error messages. All these corruptions are due to the PST file corruption. If it is due to corruption, the user has to be extremely careful when trying to fix the Outlook. If not handled with care the user might lose the emails and data. Scan PST in Outlook 2010 is therefore used to fix these corruption issues.

ScanPST.exe what is it?

It is an inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool which is provided by Microsoft Outlook in order to understand these kinds of defects in PST files and repair it. ScanPST. scans the entire PST File and tries to rebuild the structure of the corrupted PST. file. How to scan pst file in outlook 2010 must be the question running in a user’s mind. To make ScanPSt work, the scanpst.exe file needs to be searched manually. The location of the ScanPST file differs for each and every Outlook versions. From Outlook 2010, scan pst outlook 2010 runs and fixes the issues automatically.

Another important point on how scan pst outlook 2010 works is that scanpst needs to be run several times until it shows there is no more error or defects in the PST File. In spite of running several scanpst.exe several time, errors may still be there, this might fail to fix an Outlook account completely.

This doesn’t mean you have lost your Outlook items forever. You have the Outlook 2010 repair software- Remo Repair Outlook. Remo Repair Outlook is designed to fix the corrupted PST file without losing any of the Outlook attributes.

No, your Outlook items are not lost as there is an easy solution to fix the corrupt Outlook file using Remo Repair Outlook (PST). Yes, the software is designed to repair your corrupt PST file securely without losing any of your Outlook attributes. It can even recover missing Outlook data and fix several Outlook PST file problems.

Outlook 2010 Repair Software- Remo Repair Outlook

  • Download and run Remo Repair Outlook software.
  • From the main screen, choose “Open PST File”. The user can choose the file provided they know the location or opt the Find PST file if they do not know the location. The user can also choose Select Outlook Profile if they want to restore the PST file based on the Outlook Profile.
  • After clicking on the necessary requirements, click on the Browse button in order to opt the PST file which needs to be fixed.
  • Next, choose the scan option and add the destination to which the repaired Outlook needs to save.
  • Ones the repairing is completed, the list of the repaired files will be displayed.

Note: Remo Repair Outlook can also be used when there is a pop-up messaging stating

Uses of Remo Repair Outlook:

  • When Outlook 2010 PST File Not Valid and starts to show error messages the user can use this software.
  • To fix Outlook email account.
  • To repair profiles created in Outlook.

Remo Repair Outlook is an advanced version of ScanPST. It understands and reads the damaged PST data and helps creates a healthy PST by removing all error and damages using the unique algorithms. The original file is never modified; this will keep the original outlook data safe. The application can fix password protected or encrypted PST file.

The software supports; Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.

How to Recover Music from iTunes After Update to New Version?

I updated to the newest version of iTunes and lost the greater part of my music and playlists. I’ve explored and taken after the greater part of the exhortation here yet the one issue is there isn’t a folder anyplace in my PC titled ” iTunes library” – my question is how would I approach recovering the greater part of my music and playlists? I’m worried!!! I have lost entire collection of music. Can anyone know how to recover music from iTunes after update to new version.

 Have you gone over such circumstance, and need to recover music from iTunes after update to new form? On the off chance that your answer is yes, then this is the ideal place where you will get suitable answer for your issue. In any case, as expressed in above case that you may lose most loved music because of iTunes overhaul, yet don’t get stressed as you can recover lost music after iTunes update utilizing Recover Songs program

Key feature of Recover Songs Software:

This product is fit for recovering music records from iTunes after update to new form on all significant variant of Mac based OS, for example, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and so forth. With the assistance of this application, you can reestablish records from memory card, USB drive, memory stick, FireWire drive, pen drive, outer hard drive, and so forth. It can likewise bring back music documents arrangements, for example, WAV, MIDI, ALAC, M4A, M4b, MP3, MP4, AIFF, AIF, VOX, GSM, AMR, RA, AIFC, MPC, and so forth effortlessly. You can likewise see the recuperated media documents with the goal that you can check the quality before storing them to the desired area. This application software additionally reestablishes iTunes library from iPod including iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and so on with no trouble.

Step by step procedure to recover music from iTunes after update to new version.

Step1: Launch the Recover Songs application, after successful download and installation on your Mac volume.

Step 2: Later, select Recover Volumes/Drive option from the main screen window.

Step 3: From the list of logical volumes, select the volume from where you want to recover music files after update and click on Next option to proceed further recovery session.

Step 4: scanning process to recover the music from iTunes will be initiated after successful completion of scanning session, one can easily preview the recovered music from iTunes.

Step 5: Purchase the software to save the recovered music files on to the desired location.

This recover application is developed with a special scanning algorithm which helps to recover the music from iTunes after update quickly without losing any original content.

Download Software to Recover Word DOCX File

… While deleting some unwanted documents, I have deleted an important DOCX file unintentionally. I was not able to find the deleted file in Recycle Bin too. The deleted DOCX file is quite important, could anyone suggest me; how to recover word DOCX file easily. Is there any trusted DOCX file recovery tool to get back deleted DOCX file?”

The recovery of Word document file can be achieved without any level of difficulties by using DOCX file recovery software.

Where DOCX file recovery Software can be used?

This software can be effectively used to recover the deleted or lost DOCX files from Windows and Mac Operating system.

Reasons behind the deletion/loss of DOCX files are as follows:

  1. Accidental deletion by human mistakes is the major issue facing by the users, where the Important DOCX file may get deleted unknowingly while performing delete operation.
  2. Virus attack on the word file might corrupt or damage the DOCX file leading to inaccessibility.
  3. By using shift-delete combination keys, the DOCX files gets delete without moving them to Recycle Bin or Trash.
  4. Formatting/Reformatting drive will permanently delete the files, folders, software from the disk.
  5. While transferring DOCX files, an unsuccessful transfer process due to any interruption, power surge, etc. might end up the transfer process before its complete.
  6. Improper cut-paste action will also result in the file loss scenario.
  7. Improper closure of Word application may cause inaccessibility where the DOCX files are unable to perform read or write operation.
  8. Other factors like OS crash, program crash, etc. Will delete the DOCX file permanently.

If DOCX files gets deleted or lost due to ant above scenario or due to any other reasons, do not worry!!! Now the DOCX files can be recovered easily in a few simple mouse clicks.

Download DOCX file recovery software on your system and move ahead few steps with an application tool. This toolkit is designed and fabricated with special scanning algorithm that easily scans the entire drive and successfully performs the DOCX file recovery process. Including DOCX file, various file formats like DOC, PDF, PPT, PNG, JPG, MP3, MP4, MOV, 3GP, etc. can be quickly recovered. Audios, videos, pictures and documents can be recovered with help of this application software. The deleted or lost DOCX files from various media storage devices like USB drives, memory card, external hard drive, flash drives, etc. can be restored with an ease. This tool easily helps to restore Word 2010 DOCX document including Word 2007 DOCX file.

This tool provides the prime solution in recovering DOCX files quickly without losing any original content. The software provides the user-friendly interface and are much compatible to recover DOCX file from various versions of Windows as well as on different Mac Operating system.

How to Repair QuickTime Movie File?

“Is your QuickTime movie stopped playing on your system? or have you lost accessibility onmoviefixerlogo QuickTime and unable to play movie file on your system? However, such situations get worse worried when any vital QuickTime movie files get corrupted or damaged. Then the very first thing which comes in your mind will be to know what are chances of repairing QuickTime movie file?”

If you have ever encountered with such situations, then don get worried as you can opt Repair QuickTime software which is capable of repairing corrupted or damaged QuickTime movie file within few mouse clicks.

Reasons behind corruption of QuickTime movie video file:

  • Virus infection on a storage device on which QuickTime movie video file is stored.
  • Sudden system of shutdown while playing QuickTime movie file on media player
  • Codec incompatibility issues between QuickTime movie file and QuickTime media player versions.
  • QuickTime movie video file header corruption due to audio or video sync problem.
  • Abrupt QuickTime media player crash when QuickTime movie file in file is in use.
  • Storage device on which QuickTime movie file are saved has a number of bad sectors.
  • Trying to QuickTime movie file on virus infected device.
  • Continuous interruptions while playing QuickTime video file make it corrupt.
  • Playing QuickTime movie file in system which is having the unsupported codec.
  • Synchronization error of audio with video streams of QuickTime video file may lead to corruption of it.
  • Frequently changing the file format of QuickTime movie file to another format.
  • Unexpected power surge while transferring or downloading QuickTime movie file.
  • QuickTime movie file may get damaged or corrupted when the QuickTime media player is incompletely installed on your system.

There are few events which cause 2048 Error of QuickTime movie file, some of them are:

  • Improper recovery of QuickTime movie file
  • Error while converting QuickTime movie file to any other file format
  • Interruption while transferring QuickTime movie file from one device to another
  • QuickTime movie file header file corruption due to harmful virus or malware attack
  • Incomplete installation of QuickTime player
  • Playing QuickTime movie file on incompatible video players
  • Downloading incompatible video players from unauthorized servers and many others

Features of Repair QuickTime Software:

  • This software is capable of repairing corrupted or damaged QuickTime movie files which stop playing on Mac or Windows based system.
  • Along with QuickTime MOV files, this program also supports repairing of MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, etc. video files present on various digital gadgets such as camcorders, digital camera, iPods, etc. on both Windows and Mac system.
  • Using this software, you can easily preview the contents of repaired QuickTime video file before saving it to the desired location.
  • This software can repair QuickTime video file recorded by any digital camera or camcorders such as Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, etc.
  • Using this tool, you can repair corrupted QuickTime video file from a various storage device such as USB drive, memory card, external hard drive, etc.
  • You can download and install the demo version of Repair QuickTime software to verify the capabilities of repairing QuickTime video file.

Know How To Recover Deleted Files from Maxtor External Hard Drive

maxtorExternal hard drives are the secondary storage devices used by people for taking the backup as well as saving their important files. These external hard drives are manufactured by many world leading brands. Maxtor is one of them, which develops very high quality external hard drives. People can face files deletion issue from Maxtor external hard drive. There are various causes such as Maxtor external hard drive is not being recognized by the system, virus infected on the drive, accidental deletion, accidental formatting or re-formatting Maxtor hard drives, file system corruption, improper handling of Maxtor external hard drive, etc.

Not only these causes, there are many other causes by which files can be deleted from Maxtor external hard drive. After deletion of files, people can think about how to recover deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive because these files can be very important for them. When a file gets deleted from the computer, still it is possible to recover those deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin. Sometimes, when people are not able to find their deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin folder, in such case files bypass the Recycle bin folder and get deleted permanently.

When a file deleted from the computer drive, it won’t get deleted completely. Only the pointers to the files get deleted from the file directory. Operating System marks the space as free space available for saving new files. But still your data will remain in the drive and if people use the drive further to create and save the data, this could overwrite old files with new one. Unlike this, when a file is deleted from external hard drive, it gets removed permanently rather than moving to the recycle bin folder. But these deleted files are still in the drive, due to this people can easily recover deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive but to recover them, people take the help of an advanced third party tool like Maxtor Data Recovery and easy get back their deleted files within few simple mouse clicks.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Maxtor External Hard Drive?

In order to restore deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive, people can utilize Maxtor Data Recovery software. This app is specially developed for recovering deleted files from Maxtor external hard drives by using advanced scanning algorithms.

Features of Maxtor Data Recovery Application:  

  • This easy to use software is able to recover deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive as well as various other data storage devices like system drives, Pen drives, flash cards, memory cards, iPods and FireWire drives.
  • With the help of this hassle free approach, people can recover different types of deleted files like Videos, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, images, audio files and many others easily.
  • Maxtor Data Recovery software also allows people to preview of restored files before saving them to other drives. This Preview option is very useful if people have to recover many files.
  • It can be utilized on all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac based operating systems.
  • People can also recover deleted files from drive based on their file type, name, signature, extension, creation date, etc. without any more difficulty.

Know How to Recover Lost or Deleted Data from SSD Drive

Ssd_512In order to save files, people are using different types of data storage devices, including external hard drive, Solid State drive, pen drives, memory cards, flash drives and many others. Solid State drive is one of them used by people across the globe for saving their personal as well as business files very easily. In order to store files, SSD used flash memory with Integrated circuit. These Solid State Drives are capable to save large number of files and also offers various other features including high file transferring rate, compatibility with various systems, small in size, easy to use, transportable and many others.

These advanced features of SSD enable people to use them for their work. Apart from these amazing features of Solid State Drive, it is not free from problems. Most of the people face their precious file deletion issues from there Solid State drive. In such painful situations, they do not know how to recover deleted files from SSD. After deletion of file from SSD, people can take the help of third party app like Recover SSD and easily overcome from file deletion circumstances. This recovery utility has been specially developed for recovering deleted files from Solid State drive with the help of advanced searching algorithms.

Most Common causes behind file deletion from Solid State Drive:

  • In order to transfer files from SSD to laptop or desktop, people need to connect it with their system with the help of data cable. During this process, if any interruption occurs, such as SSD get removed from the computer in between the process, then it will be a cause behind file deletion from both system and solid state drive.
  • During formatting other data storage drive, people may unknowingly format their SSD connected with the computer and face their precious files deletion problem. Generally, this format process erases all the files stored on the drive in just single click.
  • If Solid State drive is connected with virus infected computer for transferring files, then there is a chance of virus attack on this drive. If SSD gets infected with dangerous viruses, then files saved on it may get removed by these viruses.
  • For saving other new files, people need to delete few useless files from their SSD. In this process they can select few important files and face file deletion problem.

Features and know of how to recover deleted files from SSD:

  • Supports to recover deleted files from SSD as well as from various other data storage devices, including external hard drive, pen drive, system drive, flash drive, memory cards and many others within few simple mouse clicks.
  • It enables non-technical people who do not have any idea about how to recover deleted files from SSD with the help of its easy to use interface.
  • Capable to recover deleted files from Solid State Drive which can have any file system such as FAT16, NTFS, FAT32 and HFS without any difficulty.
  • Recover SSD utility is capable to recover various types of files based on their file type, size, created date, modify date, signature very easily.