Recover delete files from SD card

SD card are also known as Secure Digital card. These SD cards are used to store files and folders, SD cards are available in various storage capacities to store your private and business related data. There are various types of SD card available they are SD cards, MiniSD cards, MicroSD cards, SDHC card, MiniSDHC cards, MicroSDHC cards etc. data loss is a common scenarios generally faced by many users, files might get lost due to various cause like accidental deletion, deleting a drive or partition, accidental formatting or re-formatting SD card, improper ejection, file system corruption, accidently ejection of SD card while transferring files etc.  Any of the above reason may cause SD card inaccessible and ends up with data loss.

When you delete a file from the SD card or from your hard drive while transferring, the files do not gets deleted permanently from the hard drive. The pointers to the files get deleted from the partitions table (which stores information about the files). The Operating System marks the space as free space and available for storing new files.  But still the deleted files will be present on the hard drive.  It is possible to restore deleted files from SD card by using good File recovery software. File recovery is possible until and unless the deleted files get overwritten by new files.

How to ensure safety recover of files from SD card?

Recovery of deleted files is depended on the usage of SD card or drive once after deleting a data from it. To undelete files from the SD card or hard drive you need to follow few tips like

  • If you have lost files from SD card, remove the SD card from the compatible device and store it in a safe place until you retrieve files from it.
  • If you lost files from hard drive makes sure you have stopped working on the hard drive
  • Do not install any new data recovery applications to recover deleted file from the SD card or hard drive
  • Do not attempt to restart your computer it may leads to permanent data loss.

To recover deleted file you need to select good file recovery software, research the internet about the software available in the market to restore files. Read reviews, blogs and articles about the product from valid sites. This will help you to make an informed decision about the product. Check whether the software allows you to recover files from various file types, and lets you to preview the recovered files before saving them. Apart from this make sure the software comes with good customer support to trouble your quires while recovering. Follow the simple steps to recover lost photos

  • Remove the SD card from the compatible device
  • Insert it to the card slot to another laptop, or if it is a desktop you need to use an external card reader
  • Download and install file recovery software to the hard drive of the laptop or PC
  • Follow the instructions to recover files from SD card or hard drive
  • Make sure that you are not storing the recover files to the hard drive of the laptop or computer from where you recovered deleted files