Recovery of Microsoft Office and obscure document file types

When you choose a program for Microsoft Office file recovery double check to be certain that the file recovery utility you select supports all the latest versions of Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook 2007 and Word 2007. You will be unable to recover deleted Word document files if the program you choose is unable to recognize all the variations of the original Microsoft Word doc files. This same situation exists when dealing with Microsoft Excel. The latest versions of Microsoft Office all have special customized file types.

Another factor to consider is that many free Word document processing programs use file types completely incompatible an unfamiliar to Microsoft Office. Examples of these would be .ABI files from Abiword and File extensions proprietary to use with Polyedit and Open Office. Furthermore only the best data recovery tools are capable of doing more than simply scanning for file extensions and from that recognition reattaching a Word document file name. These better quality data recovery tools can actually recognize the coding structure attached to a Microsoft Office file.