Retrieve data from hard drive after Format

Hard disk or hard disk drive is a storage device where you can store all the files and programs. There are different types of hard disk drives that are as follows: IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics, SATA – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, SCSI – Small Computer System Interface, SAS – Serial Attached SCSI. Whenever the hard drive gets corrupted or damaged due to some reasons, then you need to format it to make it accessible. Usually, the files stored on the hard disk get deleted whenever we format it.

Reformatting the drive means refreshing the disk areas to a new site. If you reformat your hard drive, then it will clean all the data present on the hard disk, including the old data, or even the unused programs which were cluttering your hard disk and installs the new operating system in it. It is very much necessary to take the backup of your all the important data before reformatting the hard drive. In case, you haven’t taken the backup properly then you definitely lose your all the important data from your hard drive. In cases like this, it is necessary to perform hard drive recovery after reformat with the aid of hard drive recovery software. And when this occurs with Mac OS X then you should use hard drive recovery on Mac.

Some of the most common loss of data scenarios because of reformating are explained below:

Sudden power failure: If a power failure occurs during the process of reformatting then you will lose your data making the procedure to be incomplete.

The errors occur during reformatting: The errors which occur during the reformatting process can make the hard drive corrupt and therefore, making the hard drive data inaccessible. The entire process of reformatting the hard drive will shut down the system. And hence the particular partition or the hard drive will get corrupted.

Data loss because of improper format process: improper formatting process means formatting the hard disk without taking the backup of the data which will lead to data loss. Some of the data might be lost unintentionally by formatting the partition instead of other partition.

Some other reasons: Apart from above reasons, there are several other reasons behind the loss of data from the hard drive like the errors occur while re-partitioning the hard drive, because of virus attack, errors occur during file system conversion, conversion of partition from dynamic to basic accidentally, etc.

By making use of hard drive recovery software, you will get back your computer data lost from hard drive during reformatting. It retrieves the hard drive from lost partitions. Additionally, it recovers the documents, files, photos, audios, videos and RAW photos of digital camera models due to formatting after the up gradation of the operating system. Also, recovers the lost data due to the error in NTFS and FAT file system conversion. You are able to download this tool for the recovery of the hard disk after reformat.