Scan PST in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 users must have experienced many issues with PST file; for example, the PST file might refuse to open. Outlook might stop responding or users can even get some error messages. All these corruptions are due to the PST file corruption. If it is due to corruption, the user has to be extremely careful when trying to fix the Outlook. If not handled with care the user might lose the emails and data. Scan PST in Outlook 2010 is therefore used to fix these corruption issues.

ScanPST.exe what is it?

It is an inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool which is provided by Microsoft Outlook in order to understand these kinds of defects in PST files and repair it. ScanPST. scans the entire PST File and tries to rebuild the structure of the corrupted PST. file. How to scan pst file in outlook 2010 must be the question running in a user’s mind. To make ScanPSt work, the scanpst.exe file needs to be searched manually. The location of the ScanPST file differs for each and every Outlook versions. From Outlook 2010, scan pst outlook 2010 runs and fixes the issues automatically.

Another important point on how scan pst outlook 2010 works is that scanpst needs to be run several times until it shows there is no more error or defects in the PST File. In spite of running several scanpst.exe several time, errors may still be there, this might fail to fix an Outlook account completely.

This doesn’t mean you have lost your Outlook items forever. You have the Outlook 2010 repair software- Remo Repair Outlook. Remo Repair Outlook is designed to fix the corrupted PST file without losing any of the Outlook attributes.

No, your Outlook items are not lost as there is an easy solution to fix the corrupt Outlook file using Remo Repair Outlook (PST). Yes, the software is designed to repair your corrupt PST file securely without losing any of your Outlook attributes. It can even recover missing Outlook data and fix several Outlook PST file problems.

Outlook 2010 Repair Software- Remo Repair Outlook

  • Download and run Remo Repair Outlook software.
  • From the main screen, choose “Open PST File”. The user can choose the file provided they know the location or opt the Find PST file if they do not know the location. The user can also choose Select Outlook Profile if they want to restore the PST file based on the Outlook Profile.
  • After clicking on the necessary requirements, click on the Browse button in order to opt the PST file which needs to be fixed.
  • Next, choose the scan option and add the destination to which the repaired Outlook needs to save.
  • Ones the repairing is completed, the list of the repaired files will be displayed.

Note: Remo Repair Outlook can also be used when there is a pop-up messaging stating

Uses of Remo Repair Outlook:

  • When Outlook 2010 PST File Not Valid and starts to show error messages the user can use this software.
  • To fix Outlook email account.
  • To repair profiles created in Outlook.

Remo Repair Outlook is an advanced version of ScanPST. It understands and reads the damaged PST data and helps creates a healthy PST by removing all error and damages using the unique algorithms. The original file is never modified; this will keep the original outlook data safe. The application can fix password protected or encrypted PST file.

The software supports; Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.