Solution to Repair AVI Video File Windows 7

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave which is developed and fix-corrupt-avi-filesintroduced by Microsoft. This video file format is commonly used to create digital videos using camcorders. AVI video files are stored on various storage devices such as hard drive, pen drive, USB drive, external hard drive, etc. Sometimes, like other file format AVI file also get corrupted due to some known or unknown reasons.  In order to make the AVI video playable, you can make use of Video Repair Software.

Reasons that are responsible for corruption of AVI video File Windows 7:

Header corruption: Similar to other computer files, AVI file contains a vital part which is called as header. At times this header gets damaged or corrupt; when it gets damaged/ corrupt then AVI file fails to play.

Sudden computer turn off: Unexpected power failure will lead the computer to turn off in an inappropriate way, in case while playing an AVI file the computer turns off then AVI file may get corrupt or damage.

Errors while transferring AVI file: If an interruption occurs while moving AVI file from computer to some external storage device or vice versa; then there are chances for it to get corrupted or damaged.

Downloading errors: No errors should occur, when an AVI file is being downloaded from internet. In case any error occurs then downloaded AVI file gets corrupt.

Other Reasons: Error message like “the file format is invalid”, video file corruption, synchronization error, etc also leads to corruption of AVI video file.

On account of these above described scenarios, if a vital AVI file gets damaged then take the help of Video Repair Software and repair that file in few simple clicks of mouse.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Always keep back up of important AVI video file to external storage device to avoid such problems.
  • Don’t connect any virus infected external storage device to your system.
  • Keep UPS to avoid sudden shutdown of system.

Features of Video Repair Software:

  • Video Repair Software is a graphical user interface repair tool as it offers orderly directions with clear and conceivable screen shots following which you can easily repair damaged AVI files.
  • It can repair AVI video file Windows 7 as well as on all latest versions of Windows OS which include Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows Vista, etc.
  • This application can easily repair AVI file on all latest versions of Mac OS including Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc.
  • It has the ability to repair AVI file windows 7 on various types of storage devices such as memory cards, pen drives, internal computer hard disks, external hard drives etc.
  • Log on to the website and download the demo version of Video Repair Software, check out how it works. If you feel the product is helpful then purchase its licensed version to save the repaired AVI files.
  • Apart from AVI video file repair, it also repairs corrupted MOV, MP4, M4V, etc video file.
  • Once the repairing process is over, you can view the repaired AVI file using Preview option.