Use Airnef to Wirelessly Transfer Photos from Nikon, Sony, Canon Camera to Computer

Airnef is a new open source utility which is mainly used to transfer/ download photos and videos from Nikon, Sony, Canon cameras to the computer. This utility only supports Wi-Fi equipped cameras. The Airnef utility supports almost all the latest version of Nikon camera which have Wi-Fi facility. It also supports Nikon cameras having external Wi-Fi adapter like WU-la and WU-lb. this interface also supports various version of Sony and Canon cameras.

Using Airnef, Wirelessly Transfer Photos from Nikon, Sony, Canon Camera

The Airnef application has the ability of real time download mode, which means it allows transfer of images to the computer as you shoot them. This feature is only applicable for the cameras which supports real time Wi-Fi shooting. But, is it possible for the cameras which doesn’t supports real time Wi-Fi shooting? Yes, it is very much possible with the staged real time feature. Using this feature, photos can be automatically transferred as soon as you turn off the Wi-Fi. This is possible without any user input to the computer. This utility supports various operating system like Widows, Mac and Linux.

Some features of Airnef:

  • You can easily download all the images and videos with just one – button click, either on computer or on cameras.
  • Airnef utility runs on optimized Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for fast downloading of images and videos and easily6 sustain throughput around 2.5 Mb/s.
  • You can easily transfer / download videos and images with the use of some extensive criteria such as specific folder, file type, image/ videos capture date, card slot and many more.
  • While downloading images or videos you can choose the order like newest or oldest first.
  • This utility provides you a renaming engine which allows to modify directories and files / folder names.
  • Whenever any transfer fails it continuously retry to communicate the failed data. You can easily resume the paused files exactly from where you left off and also in the middle of the file.
  • It automatically synchronize camera time to system time.

The Airnef utility has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) facility which help to visually select the downloaded folder or files which have to transfer and so on.

Steps to be followed during file transfer:

  • At First, you’ll have to connect the camera to computer’s Wi-Fi. To do this, enable the Wi-Fi on your camera and on computer also, connect to your camera’s Wi-Fi.
  • Next, on your computer, launch Airnef and make sure that “Camera IP Address” is set to “”. This is the default IP address for Nikon camera.
  • Click on “Select on Computer”, choose which files to transfer, the download location and so on and then click on the “Start Download” button.
  • After clicking “Start download”, a terminal window should pop up connection and transfer status
  • To stop the transfer, press ctrl + c in this window.