Viable options for putting a crashed computer back online correctly

There are two ways to rescue files from a crashed hard drive. One is what we would call before the fact and the other is after the fact. What is meant by this is that it is always preferable to access files on a crashed hard drive before reloading the Windows operating system. Reloading your version of Windows regardless of which one it is reformats your hard disk drive resulting in deletion of all stored files. In order to effect a crashed hard drive recovery before reloading Windows one must remove the hard drive in question and connect it to a working PC by means of cables. This is actually not too difficult a task and should you have recently deleted files on that crashed hard drive you will then be able to use hard disk recovery software to scan the drive for any recently deleted and recoverable files.

Should you not have access to a second working Windows based computer or should you feel that the technical aspects of connecting this are too difficult you can use more powerful hard disk data recovery software such as programs made by Remo Software to recover your lost files even after your hard disk drive has been reformatted by reinstallation of Windows.